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“Here’s How I Found an ADHD Specialist Near Me.”

ADHD specialists — especially health care providers nearby and open to new patients — are difficult to find, and so critical to an effective treatment plan. Here, ADDitude readers share how they found their ADHD healthcare providers.

Male doctor and testicular cancer patient are discussing about testicular cancer test report. Testicular cancer and prostate cancer concept.
Male doctor and testicular cancer patient are discussing about testicular cancer test report. Testicular cancer and prostate cancer concept.

At ADDitude, it’s the most common question we field: How can I find an experienced ADHD specialist near me? We wish we could provide simple, easy answers, but seldom do they exist.

Which is why we recently asked readers how they found their ADHD healthcare providers. Your responses ranged from “I wish I knew!” and “I have yet to find one” to “LOL. Haven’t found one yet. And I’ve tried in multiple states” and “Still looking seven years later.” One ADDitude reader in New Jersey became so frustrated at the lack of professionals in her area that she became an ADHD specialist.

It shouldn’t come to that. So, here, we’re sharing successful strategies from readers who found an ADHD specialist in their area.

How did you select your ADHD professional? Do you have a healthcare provider you would recommend? Share in the Comments section below.

How I Found an ADHD Specialist Near Me

“I searched online, created a list, and made loads of calls. Eventually, I emailed the professionals from the list and asked if they would see my daughter or point me in the right direction. The subject was ‘Can You Help Me Please?’ And I begged. That’s how we found Jane, and she is a Godsend.” — Anonymous

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“I lucked out with a phenomenal psychiatrist who recommended a great coach and a therapist who had experience working with people with ADHD. Ask providers you trust for their recommendations!”— Anonymous

“​​I work with social workers who have worked with other professionals for years. They know who’s the best and who to avoid!” — Anonymous

“I saw Dr. Ned Hallowell on TikTok talking about his ADHD. Then I started looking for others on TikTok and other social media. From there, I started researching practitioners specific to ADHD and those who were actually diagnosed with ADHD.” — Anonymous

“We’re working with the only child psychologist who worked with our insurance company and was taking new patients. It’s been a challenge!” — Anonymous

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“I was given amazing resources through my university counseling center. I was diagnosed with ADHD in grad school and had tons of support from my professors to keep me on the right track.” — Anonymous

“My primary care physician referred me to a psychologist. When I raised the possibility of ADHD, she set me up with a neuropsychologist for a diagnosis and then my health system’s psychiatric clinic for prescribing. I was fortunate to use a teaching hospital’s health system modeled on the patient-centered medical home model, so a lot of this was coordinated for me.” — Anonymous

“We found ours through referrals from friends and friends of friends, like an informal network of people in my community who have ADHD and have kids with ADHD.” — Anonymous

“I started out looking for providers through my health insurance plan. I noted if they listed ADHD as something that they worked with. Then I either emailed or called them to chat about my needs and goals. I got two really good counselors who were also willing to function as a sort of ‘life coach.’” — Anonymous

“I really like the resources I’ve found through YouTube like ADHD Dude and How to ADHD. I have happily shared these channels with others connected to ADHD.” — Anonymous

“When I was a teacher, one doctor’s name kept coming up in conversations with parents of my most successful students with ADHD. The doc was fantastic.” — Anonymous

“We go by our friends’ recommendations and gut instinct. When our pediatrician scolded us for 30 minutes against even considering medication for our son, we quickly looked for a new doctor.” — Anonymous

I lucked out! A previous group fitness coach I met a few years ago opened her own private 1:1 life coaching business. She is also certified as an ADHD coach.” — Anonymous

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