“I Corrected My Boss In Front Of The Whole Office.”

Does ADHD sometimes cause you to blurt out the wrong thing at the wrong time? These readers can relate. Read on for embarrassing social blunders that will make you feel right at home.

Spills and other social gaffs
Spills and other social gaffs

Biggest Workplace Mistakes

“Writing snotty comments about an e-mail that came from upper management and mistakenly hitting ‘reply’ instead of sending it to the intended coworker. Ugh!”
—An ADDitude Reader

“Forgetting to take my meds on the day of a job interview and interrupting my interviewers several times. I covered my blunder by apologizing and saying I was so excited to be interviewing with such a wonderful group! Looks like my sweet-talking worked. Two years later, I’m still working for their company.”
—Lori Lachanis, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

“Correcting my boss loudly, in front of the whole office, for using an incorrect word.”
—Ed, Arizona

Friendly Faux-Pas

“Walking up to a friend and rubbing her belly, saying, ‘Hey, little baby. How much longer do you have?’ She replied, ‘I had my baby two weeks ago!'”
—Kimberly Sampson, Joplin, Missouri

“Not acknowledging the birth of our close friends’ second child. At all! I meant to call, pick up a card, select a gift, get to the post office, but so much time passed that it became embarrassing!”
—Dawn Ambruzs, Columbia, South Carolina

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“Inviting 10 people to Christmas dinner and forgetting to go grocery shopping. After midnight on Christmas Eve, I realized that I didn’t even have basics, like milk and bread, in the house. I ended up calling my sister-in-law and asked her to bring leftovers.”
—Brenda Nicholson, Crown Point, Indiana

“Making plans to meet a friend for dinner, after she told me that she had also invited a couple of people I didn’t know. I made up a lame excuse to get out of it, and she busted me on the spot!”
—Miki G., Fort Walton Beach, Florida

“Forgetting to pay back friends. For your sake, please never loan me money.”
—Christopher Craig, Greenfield Park, Quebec

Not So Romantic Moves…

“Making negative comments about a guy I dated, only to find out that he had married one of the women I was talking with.”
—Amber Thompson, Ostrander, Ohio

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Talking too much on a first date. Guys ask me a simple yes-or-no question, and I go on forever.”
—Caroline Brüning Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil

“Being intimate for the first time with a guy and blurting out the next morning, ‘I’m bored, I gotta go!’ I got out of his apartment in less than two minutes. We eventually got married, though.”
—Wendy, San Diego, California

Embarrassing Accidents in Front of Mere Acquaintances

“While in college, I kept introducing myself to people who were in my class and who already knew me.”
—An ADDitude Reader

“Taking clean jeans out of the laundry basket and putting them on, without realizing that clean underwear were inside the leg. I noticed the underwear as I got into my car after a long chat with my professor, whom I had run into while buying a newspaper. The undies stuck out of my cuff and trailed along the ground.”
—Donna Burtch, Columbus, Ohio

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