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ADHD Sex: Are Symptoms, Medications Affecting Your Love Life?

Is ADHD affecting your sex life? You’re not alone. Research suggests people with attention deficit may have a lower sex drive than people without the condition. So what can ADHD adults (and their partners) do to improve relations in the bedroom?

Attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) can affect a person’s sex life in many ways. Boredom, distraction, and medication side effects can pose problems in the bedroom for both women and men with ADHD. Menopause — when all women are more likely to experience a decrease in libido — is a time when women with ADHD often experience increased symptoms, which can further increase their likelihood of sexual dysfunction. Additionally, ADHD couples may be struggling with relationship problems related to misunderstanding or not properly treating symptoms, which in turn can affect physical intimacy.

But there’s help. In this video, discover how you and your partner can rebuild your sex life with this advice from Melissa Orlov, a contributor to ADDitude, a co-author of Married to Distraction, and the author of The ADHD Effect on Marriage.

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