The Back-to-School Playbook for Students with ADHD

This is your back-to-school playbook — an essential tool for parents, teachers, and children with ADHD or LD. Click each of the steps below for in-depth expert advice.

One tip for success at school for students with ADHD is: Spend your summer wisely
Must-dos before school starts are: lining up a tutor or homework helper and adapting ADDitude's letter to introduce your child to their new teacher
Build or refine your IEP or 504 Plan
Find accommodations that work
Help teachers support our kids
Get the school on your child's side
Devise smart homework strategies
Sharpen the 3 Rs of reading, writing and math
Make good friends
Focus on organization
Focus on classroom behavior
Focus on distracibility
Improve memory and langauge skills
Evaulate and improve accommodations