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“ADHD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, Now!” [podcast episode #17]

In ADDitude’s ADHD Experts Podcast episode 17, learn how you can stay organized, put an end to distraction and procrastination, and create effective schedules.

Note board for ADHD students to help with working memory
Note board for ADHD students to help with working memory

Listen to “ADHD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life, Now!” with Judith Kolberg

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In this hour-long podcast, learn how you can stay organized in the “Era of Endless,” and infinite information with Judith Kolberg.

In this episode:

  • Strategies for putting an end to distraction and procrastination
  • How to make schedules work for you
  • Maximize your finite time in the face of constant distractions

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Listener testimonials:

  • “Lots of great tips, resources, ideas, steps to take.”
  • “Presenter was very knowledgeable of the subject matter and information given where you can really understand and be able to use the data in everyday situations.”
  • “Overall, some very good tips. Some I didn’t know and those that I’ve already implemented made me feel that I’m on the right path.”


This ADHD Experts webinar was first broadcast live on May 30, 2013.

Note on audio quality: This podcast is a recording of a webinar series, and the audio has been captured from telephone conversations, not recorded in a studio. Register to participate in the live webinars at:

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