Manage Your House

Readers Share: Organizing Tips for Home, Office, and Finances

ADDitude readers with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) share their strategies for keeping bills, finances, and important documents and dates in order.

Adult ADHD Paying Bills, Managing Finances, and Organizing
Adult ADHD Paying Bills, Managing Finances, and Organizing

Looking for clutter-taming solutions? These adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) share their best home and office organizing tips.

Find a Home for Your Stuff

“I have an ‘info corner‘: a designated spot where I drop bills, pay stubs, and other important paper into empty cereal boxes. That way, I know where stuff is.”
– Angela Wilde, Haines, Alaska

“I have a folder for each member of the family. I place items into the appropriate folder, and store them on a wire rack near the front door. It’s a neat mess!”
– Carrie, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey

Establish Smart Routines

“Pay bills and respond to paper inquiries right away. Otherwise, you know what will happen.”
– Ann, Blairstown, New Jersey

“Bills are paid with e-mail reminders. Junk mail is tackled on the weekend. All tax info goes straight in zippered plastic baggies!
– Barbara Young, Raymond, Mississippi

“Lots of electronic gadgets! I use paper only for my daily to-do list — which, by the way, never has more than three items or chores on it.”
– Luke R., Bethesda, Maryland

Use Common-Sense Sorting Systems

“My trick is to try to touch each piece of paper only once. And I don’t even try to tackle paperwork until my meds have kicked in.”
– Lori Lachanis, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Junk mail does not come into the house: It goes straight into the recycling bin on the back porch. I use tables — one for personal items, one for work items — in my home office to sort papers.”
– An ADDitude Reader

Surround Yourself with Allies

“I’d be lost without my wife. I think a supportive partner is critical to staying organized.”
– Steve, Northern California

“[I always am equipped with a] smart phone and Vyvanse.”
– Anne, Georgia