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The Ultimate Natural Treatment

Hoping to find an ADHD natural cure to treat your or your child’s symptoms? Our readers share alternative treatments that really work. (And they’re easy to find — outside, of all places.)

ADHD Natural Cure: Outdoors, Nature to Treat ADHD Symptoms
ADHD Natural Cure: Outdoors, Nature to Treat ADHD Symptoms

To treat ADHD, you’ve tried medication, you’ve tried alternative treatments, and you’ve probably tried fine-tuning combinations of each. But, who can resist the appeal of a natural ADHD remedy? You don’t need to. Go ahead: Open your door, take a breath of fresh air — and treat yourself right with Mother Nature herself.

Researchers have evidence of nature as an ADHD remedy for children, and it could benefit adults, too. Anecdotally, ADDitude readers have shared many of the ways fresh air and green scenery help child and adult symptoms. Here are your reviews of this ultimate natural treatment:

“We live near woods, and when my son doesn’t take medication (usually on the weekends), we hike in the woods. He hugs trees, watches for wildlife, and just relaxes. My creative, interesting child comes alive and shines!” —Amy, Maryland

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“We recently took a trip to a secluded mountain cabin, with nothing but raw nature around us. It was the best, symptom-free week we have ever had.”—Lemelia Bonner, North Carolina

“I’m an adult with ADHD and an ecology buff. I love nature, so I created my own backyard Eden. Beautiful spaces reduce the clutter in my mind and spark my creativity.” —Alice Chandler, Arlington, Texas

“People with ADHD are the uberhunters of the human world. We feel at home in natural environments.” —Andrew Kinsella, Melbourne, Australia

“The more time I spend in my garden, the more I slow down.” —Anne Kelly, Waterloo, Canada

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“Walking in the country has always helped me. The combination of exercise, the calming effect of nature, and freedom from man-made distractions has a positive impact on symptoms. I feel in control.” —Carrie, Alaska

“I am an adult with ADHD, and I love mowing the lawn and walking, alone and with my dog, on quiet country roads. I can focus after I have spent time in the natural world. It sparks my creativity and spontaneity. It feels as if my ADHD medication is working twice as well as it normally does.” —K.J., Indiana

“My garden is my heaven, and unlike my friends and family, it doesn’t get angry when I get distracted or lose interest in it.” —Susan Polden, Mountain View, California

“We are fortunate to live on a lake in a rural area. The kids can sail or kayak or just soak up the quiet. They don’t see the effect nature has on them…but I sure do!” —Rita Bristol, Connecticut

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