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The Pharmacy Delivers, Too?

“I have a friend who gets her ADHD stimulants from a mail-order pharmacy. Should I do the same thing?”

Over the past few years, mail-order pharmacies have become able to provide any medication that you can get from a local pharmacy. As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages, which depend on your insurance plan coverage.

> Online and mail-order pharmacies are convenient. Your medication is delivered to your door without having to visit the pharmacy twice — once to drop off the prescription and once to pick it up.

> Some insurance plans allow you to order a 60- or 90-day supply from a mail-order pharmacy, instead of getting only a month’s supply at a local pharmacy. This will save you money on copays (instead of paying 12 copays, you may be able to reduce that to 4 or 6 copays).

>  Mail-order pharmacies are so large that they have most ADHD medications in stock — or can get them from a wholesaler in one day.

The downside is that ADHD stimulants are controlled substances, and must be signed for on delivery by an adult. Also, you can’t use the money-saving coupons found on some pharmaceutical companies’ websites.

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  1. I am new to this site and very glad I’m here. My question is what mail order pharmacies will ship schedule II medications? I have tried a half dozen of them and none of them do. I’m in Ohio but it doesn’t seem to be an Ohio thing. All of the ones I’ve looked into just say “we are unable to dispense schedule II drugs presently.” Anyone able to make a recommendation or offer some insight? Thank

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