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ADHD Medication Dilemma

I am a believer that medication, such as Ritalin, can help my ADHD child, but I worry about adding additional medications to ease her anxiety and help her sleep.

Later today I’m meeting with Natalie’s pediatrician to beg for more drugs.

Did I really say that? Did I really even think that?

Let me start over.

Later today I’m meeting with Natalie’s pediatrician to talk about whether or not Nat’s Ritalin is doing all it can to treat her ADHD, and in doing so, to help her succeed in school. I’ll agonize yet again about adding a med to help her sleep.
I’ll ask, with trepidation, if we should consider treating the anxiety component of Nat’s difficulties.

I’ve been dedicating a whole lot of worry-time to the whole medication issue lately. As much as I joke about it, and even three years into doing so, it’s incredibly hard to be okay with medicating my kid!

In a way, it’s ironic that the use of medication is even an issue for me. I’ve long been a firm believer in the need to treat biochemical brain diseases with medication. I worked in mental health for 16 years, and witnessed, over and over again, the indescribable, miraculous difference the right medication can make in people with mental illnesses.

And, when it comes to treating Nat’s ADHD, the improvement in her quality of life on Ritalin is irrefutable. I’m convinced that without medication, Natalie wouldn’t be able to tolerate existing within her own skin.

So, why did cry for a solid week when we stared Nat on medication 3 ½ years ago? And why am I so afraid to add another medication now?

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