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Q: What Have You Learned About Your ADHD During the Pandemic?

“I can’t do it all, no matter how much energy I devote to doing it all.” What truths have you learned about your ADHD during the pandemic? Here are 15 quotes from ADDitude readers reflecting on their symptoms and victories in 2020.

Has your yoga mat worn thin from all the virtual classes? Have meal delivery services lost their charm? Or maybe you’re dealing with financial anxiety, or grief from separation or loss. One way or another, the pandemic has triggered dramatic changes to daily life that still force many to push themselves, and their ADHD, to the limit.

In a recent survey, we asked ADDitude readers to reflect on what they’ve learned about their ADHD during the pandemic. The 15 quotes are among our favorites because they offer encouragement and advice for forging ahead successfully with your ADHD life. Add your own reflections in the Comments section below.

  1. “It’s OK if I’m not as productive as I think I should be.”
    — Jenalyn Barton, Taylorsville, Utah
  2. “Rest and calm environments are the keys to happy days.”
    — An ADDitude Reader
  3. “It’s amazing what my kids can do when they have access to assistive technology for all their lessons and can work at their own pace.”
    — An ADDitude Reader
  4. “We know, more than ever, to make learning fun, tangible, and engaging for our children.”
    — Michele Tinker, Mandeville, Louisiana
  5. “I am better able to manage my symptoms when I have more control over my environment.
    — An ADDitude Reader
  6. “That I actually love the slower-paced life the pandemic has brought.”
    — Leigh, Oregon
  7. “Hiring someone to clean our house reduces stress in our marriage.”
    — Blanchard, Bellevue, Washington
  8. “Exercise is important for symptom control and mood. I also learned that I need accountability sources outside of myself to motivate me to do things.”
    — Kat Fairbank, Wilmington, North Carolina
  9. “It is important for me to take time to unwind and to practice mindfulness.”
    — An ADDitude Reader
  10. “I can play computer games until my hands cramp up.”
    — Carol Llewellyn, Newport News, Virginia
  11. “I can’t do it all, no matter how much energy I devote to doing it all. I have cut back on my commitments while working from home.”
    — An ADDitude Reader
  12. “Some structure is good. It’s also important to work on projects that excite me and not work on something I don’t want to do that can be done later.”
    — Hannah Shaw, Cary, North Carolina
  13. “God and His love help me to be calmer, think more clearly, be more patient with myself, and find hope.”
    — Mary C., Kansas City, Missouri
  14. “It’s better with friends. When you add social isolation to long hours online, being unmotivated, and responsibilities at home, it can be unbearable. But venting to people outside your household is so valuable.”
    — Nancy Sharp, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  15. “I’m calmer because I don’t have to deal with all the stressors at work. Frustrations that normally crop up at my job (people asking for my attention, which takes away from my plan to be efficient!) are limited to emails. I’m able to focus on short projects better.”
    — Helma Wardenaar, Chicago, Illinois

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