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ADHD Impulsivity Is Ruining My Relationships!

“My partner and I were getting serious about each other. Then, one evening, I went home with a guy I met at a coffee shop. My partner ended the relationship. How can I be less impulsive?”

Impulsiveness ruins relationships for many who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). If you have problems controlling impulsivity, make it a “target symptom” — one against which you measure the success of your treatment.

Treatments that help your brain function at its best — taking medication at the right dose, getting better nutrition, trying fish oil supplements, exercising regularly — may enable you to think before you act. Develop a strategy to prevent you from making rash decisions. Take a time-out somewhere — the restroom, your car — or take a walk around the block before doing anything you haven’t thought through. Or call a good friend and ask her to discuss the decision.

Your impulsivity may be due to low self-esteem. Perhaps you sabotaged your relationship with your partner because you didn’t think you measured up to him. If you suspect this is the case, schedule an appointment with a counselor to talk about it.

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