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Gifts We Should Totally Invent

These fun gift ideas aren’t real — yet. But if they were, they would help those of us with ADHD manage our moods, our relationships, and our chaotically cluttered houses. We can dream, can’t we?

A wrapped gift for someone with ADHD
Pink present/gift wrapped with yellow ribbon

What is the perfect gift for someone with ADHD? For me, it would be something to help me with the day-to-day circus that is life with attention deficit. Something like, say, these fine (and fictitious) products.


Reading other people’s facial expressions is a crapshoot at best. Emoti-glasses would do the work for me, flashing “happy,” “angry,” or “embarrassed” for a few seconds across the lens. This would give me time to gear up for an exchange, or turn around and walk (or run) like hell.

Mood Shirt

Rather than flagging other people’s feelings for us, the mood shirt would broadcast our moods to others. Sure, you can still find the mood rings of yore, but they’re too subtle for our purposes. By the time someone’s close enough to see the color of my mood ring, it’s too late: They’re in my bubble, and they’re either gonna love it — or not.

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Clutter Alarm

Like a carbon monoxide detector, the clutter alarm would plug into the wall. Instead of detecting fumes, it would have sensors (or something) that would tell me when my clutter has reached a unbearable level. The alarm would be customizable to your level of overwhelm.

Bounce Back Clothing

For those of us who feel like the world is a giant pinball machine — and we are the balls, not the players — wouldn’t it be nice to have an ensemble made of fabric that protects us from bruises, scrapes, sprains, and other injuries, and looks good, too?


What if those around you understood your ADHD? What if they supported you when they saw that you were flagging, and loved you the way you are? Unlike the other gifts, with more education, and compassion, this one may be possible.


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