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Three Gadgets to Help You Keep Track of Everything

Keep track of keys, wallets, phones — all the essential items you never want to lose — both inside and outside your home with help from these ADHD-friendly devices.

How do you know if you have ADHD? Lost car keys.
How do you know if you have ADHD? Lost car keys.

Keys, phone, important paperwork, medicine, lunch… it’s no wonder people with ADHD are prone to forget or misplace items. Fortunately, tech is here. Many gadgets, tools, and electronic devices are available to help us keep track of valuable possessions — including our sanity as an adult with ADHD.

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“Keys-wallet-phone” – a familiar mantra for adults with ADHD before they leave the house each morning. Hypr-3 is a little gadget that will cut that list by 33%. The tiny, inexpensive accessory can attach to a set of keys, and securely store credit and debit card information so you can leave your wallet at home. Then, simply pay using Bluetooth connectivity. (

Knomad Air Portable Organizer

Never lose your charger, phone, or iPad in your cluttered purse or backpack again, with this Knomo portable organizer made for road warriors. There is a pocket for everything, and it folds up to fit into any bag. Transfer it from purse to messenger bag to home without losing track of important items – and saving you the frustration of digging through your bag wondering, “Where did I put my headphones?” (buy Knomad Air Portable Organizer (#CommissionsEarned))


Trackers are an easy solution for locating items that you repeatedly misplace. Stick a Tile  (#CommissionsEarned)  on your wallet, remote, laptop…) and you can use your smartphone to find the missing item. It’s a dream come true for anyone tired of asking, “Anyone seen my keys?”

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