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How to Beat the Clock with High-Tech Timers

Get organized and stay on time with two ADDitude-approved timers. Whether you lose track of time or have trouble remembering specific tasks, these gadgets are a great solution for anyone struggling with ADHD.

Alarm clock on table might be a useful gadgets ADHD adults trying to manage time
Alarm clock on table might be a useful gadgets ADHD adults trying to manage time

Most adults and children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder do well using a simple kitchen timer. Decide how much time you need to do something—five minutes, an hour, and so on — and set it. When the buzzer sounds, it’s time to move on. For some tasks, however, a kitchen timer isn’t enough. These high-tech timers are perfect for those with ADHD — whether it’s forgetting appointments or losing track of time, these timers will keep even the most time-blind person punctual.


For Appointment Reminders:


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If you have trouble remembering to perform specific, recurring tasks (taking ADHD medication, picking up the kids, and so on), you might do well with a WatchMinder3. This vibrating wristwatch displays any of 60 pre-programmed messages and up to ten personalized messages. You can set as many as 30 alarms to vibrate daily. From reminders to pay attention and eat to meeting reminders, the WatchMinder3 is a versatile tool for anyone with a busy schedule.


For Visualizing Time:

Time Timer

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If you’re the sort of person who simply loses track of time, you might prefer a Time Timer. This gadget, available in clock or watch form, as well as a computer program and app, shows remaining time with a shrinking red disc. At a glance, you can tell how much time has passed simply by looking at the red disc. Though a simple design, the Time Timer is perfect for visual thinkers who find themselves struggling with time management.


For Kids:

Revibe Connect

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The Revibe Connect is more than just a timer, it’s a tool created by a school psychologist to help children develop independence in their focus and time management. The watch can be programmed to give specific reminders, but also tracks focus, fidgeting, steps, and attention span. The watch tracks focus and attention by periodically vibrating to check in with the wearer about their focus. Over time, the watch’s artificial intelligence customizes focus reminders to your child’s needs, and provides daily, weekly, and monthly reports for parents. The Revibe Connect is a great way for inattentive children to to develop their focus skills, and to provide parents an insight into their child’s attention, at home and at school.


For Productivity:

Hexagon Timer

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With the rise in popularity of the Pomodoro method, more and more people with ADHD are turning to this productivity method to maintain consistent output. The Hexagon Timer makes following the Pomodoro method even easier. Each side has a pre-set time; simply rotate the clock until the side with the desired time is on top, and a timer will start counting down automatically. The hexagon comes in 30 and 60-minute versions. This timer lets the productive person spend less time setting their timer, and more time getting work done — perfect for minimizing the amount of executive function needed to start a task.


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