Do I Have ADD? Diagnosis & Next Steps

Did Your Doctor Really Explain the Diagnosis?

ADDitude asked and our readers answered!

A doctor explains adhd to a newly

ADDitude asked: “Did your doctor do a good job of explaining attention deficit disorder (ADHD or ADD) after he or she diagnosed you or your child?”

“Not at all! I had to use the Internet and other resources to educate myself.” — An ADDitude Reader

“My doctor did a fantastic job of explaining things. He also got me the behavior rating scales right away, and asked my husband and me (along with teachers) to fill them out for my son, to get the ball rolling.” — Lisa, Nebraska

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“My son’s biggest concern was his anxiety. The doctor asked me a few questions, asked my son a few questions, observed him for a few minutes, and started to write prescriptions. I was not ready to put my son on meds at that time, at least until we had tried some other strategies. When I asked for alternatives to meds, he said, ‘I don’t have anything else to offer. When you are ready to put him on meds, come back.’ I didn’t.” — Elena, Iowa

“I have inattentive type ADHD with hyperfocus. I learned a lot by reading about it, not from the doctor.” — An ADDitude Reader

“My doctor doesn’t really believe in adult ADHD, or in treating it with stimulants. He says the medication increases risk of stroke and heart attack.” — Lori, Washington

“Our doctor was great. We tried meds, but they changed my kids’ wonderful personalities too much. Going gluten free and taking supplements worked.” — L.M., Michigan

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“She discussed how the ADHD brain is wired differently and doesn’t stop, shut down, or process things like a neurotypical brain does.” — An ADDitude Reader