ADHD Diagnosis in Kids

What should a thorough evaluation for pediatric ADHD include and exclude?

Could your child have ADHD? In this 8-part guide, you’ll find expert answers to the questions that will help you make key decisions about seeking a diagnosis.

EVALUATIONS: What is the step-by-step ADHD evaluation process for children?

A: Diagnosing ADHD is a process that takes several steps and involves gathering information from multiple sources. You, your child… | Keep reading on WebMD »

EARLY DIAGNOSIS: Can my child be evaluated for ADHD as early as preschool?

A: Most children aren’t checked for ADHD until they’re school age, but kids as young as 4 can be diagnosed, according to guidelines… | Keep reading on WebMD »

TESTS: What tests are used to diagnose ADHD in children?

A: There’s no single test to diagnose ADHD. Instead, doctors rely on several things, including interviews with the parents, relatives, teachers, or other adults, questionnaires or rating scales… | Keep reading on WebMD »

ONLINE CARE: Can my child get diagnosed with ADHD via a telehealth appointment?

A: While much of the process can be done online, medication fulfillment, physical exams, and cognitive or educational testing may… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS: How can I be sure my child’s symptoms don’t point to another condition?

A: Many other disorders have the same, or similar, symptoms as ADHD, so it’s important for your doctor to look for all possibilities before coming to a conclusion… | Keep reading on WebMD »

TIMELINE: How long will it take to get my child evaluated for and diagnosed with ADHD?

A: An initial consultation with the patient (and parents) could range from 45 minutes to two hours or more. You should also expect to fill out questionnaires, checklists… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

FIRST-PERSON: “How a Diagnosis Unlocked My Son’s Best Self”

“Gone was my happy, carefree boy who would sing in his room and laugh at our cats. In his place was a struggling child who could not focus on schoolwork, who had trouble getting along with other kids, and whose mishaps were bleeding him dry.” | Keep reading on ADDitude »



There is no definitive way to check for ADHD. No blood test or X-ray. There is, however, a logical set of steps that medical professionals should take. | Download now on ADDitude »

FREE DOWNLOAD: Common ADHD Diagnosis Mistakes

Doctors sometimes diagnose ADHD too quickly. Here’s what you need to know to avoid common mistakes. | Download now on ADDitude »

8-Part Guide to ADHD Diagnosis in Children, from WebMD x ADDitude:

DECISION 1: How can I better understand ADHD, its causes, and its manifestations?
DECISION 2: How can I understand the aspects of ADHD that might be new to the doctor?
DECISION 3: How can I improve the odds of an accurate ADHD evaluation for my child?
DECISION 4: How can I find a professional to diagnose and treat my child’s ADHD?
> DECISION 5: What should a thorough evaluation for pediatric ADHD include and exclude?
DECISION 6: How can I be sure my child’s evaluation screens for psychiatric comorbidities?
DECISION 7: How can I be sure my child’s evaluation considers look-alike comorbidities?
DECISION 8: Should my child be screened for the sleep, eating, and other disorders?