ADHD Diagnosis in Kids

How can I find the most appropriate professional to diagnose and treat my child’s ADHD?

Could your child have ADHD? In this 8-part guide, you’ll find expert answers to the questions that will help you make key decisions about seeking a diagnosis.

HEALTH CARE TEAM: What types of providers should be on my child’s ADHD health care team?

A: If your child has ADHD symptoms, contact their doctor or pediatrician as a first step. They should already have a strong relationship with your family… | Keep reading on WebMD »

FINDING A DOC: How can I choose the best health care professional(s) to manage my child’s ADHD?

A: When you find out your child has ADHD, you can turn to a team of pros who can get them the right treatment. Each one plays a different role… | Keep reading on WebMD »

ASSESSING PROFESSIONALS:  What questions should I ask in evaluating health care providers to diagnose my child’s ADHD?

A: How many of your pediatric patients have ADHD? How do you evaluate the symptoms of ADHD in children?… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

SPECIALISTS: What steps should I follow to find an ADHD specialist for my child?

A: If your pediatrician dismisses your worries, you should request a referral to a specialist in child behavior and development… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

THE RIGHT FIT: How can I tell if a doctor is a good fit for our family?

A: What qualities in a health care provider are important to you? The following is a list of traits that people most often mention when asked what they want from a health care professional… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

FIRST QUESTIONS: How can I best prepare for my child’s ADHD evaluation?

A: Strong, engaged advocacy will help ensure the best outcomes for your child. Knowing the right questions to ask yourself and other professionals before your child’s ADHD evaluation will… | Keep reading on ADDitude »

FIRST-PERSON: “7 Therapists — and Counting”

“And then there were seven. Later this week, we’ll be meeting Dr. P, a cognitive behavioral therapist recommended by ‘the team.’ And I’ll do my best to stop judging who we are, who we’ve become, and how we got here.” | Keep reading on ADDitude »


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8-Part Guide to ADHD Diagnosis in Children, from WebMD x ADDitude:

DECISION 1: How can I better understand ADHD, its causes, and its manifestations?
DECISION 2: How can I understand the aspects of ADHD that might be new to the doctor?
DECISION 3: How can I improve the odds of an accurate ADHD evaluation for my child?
> DECISION 4: How can I find a professional to diagnose and treat my child’s ADHD?
DECISION 5: What should a thorough evaluation for pediatric ADHD include and exclude?
DECISION 6: How can I be sure my child’s evaluation screens for psychiatric comorbidities?
DECISION 7: How can I be sure my child’s evaluation considers look-alike comorbidities?
DECISION 8: Should my child be screened for the sleep, eating, and other disorders?