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Taking Control of the Undone Chore Chart

“I am a single, working woman, and although I earn a decent living, the rents in my city are so high that I share an apartment. Although we have established chore charts, my ADHD makes it difficult for me to get to my share of the work. My housemates get upset and I feel terrible.”

Begin by forgiving yourself. Every housemate has quirks. Yours happens to be time management. Solutions to the problem might be:

> A “chore hour” once a week, when you all do chores at the same time. Working with the others will keep you on task. If schedules don’t mesh, perhaps you can find a housemate to “body double” with you.

>Hire a housekeeper to do your share of the chores. Perhaps your housemates would also like to change the paradigm. Everyone might prefer to pitch in a few bucks once a week for housekeeping rather than spend time on chores. Or maybe one housemate would pick up your chores if you put in a few bucks toward his or her share of the rent.

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> Routine — schedule your chores. Write your chore day on your calendar, creating “chore Wednesday.” Use routine to reduce other irritants. Make it a nightly routine to stroll the apartment picking up your stuff — it should take a minute or two. Occasional clutter will aggravate your housemates less than a teacup that has been left out for a month.

Finally, contribute in other ways: replace the old toaster as a gift to all, or pitch in when you see others cleaning.

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