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Children with ADHD: Angels…Or Devils?

As a parent of a a child living with ADHD, I want to focus only my daughter’s best attributes, but then the tips of her devil horns start to appear.

I love the work of local professional photographer Ngaire West Johnson of Images by Ngaire. I’ve often thought that if anyone could catch my daughter Natalie’s spirit in a photo — shimmering attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) energy and all — it would be Ngaire.

I’ve told Ngaire that when I get around to scheduling a photo shoot for Nat, nothing but action shots will do! I picture Natalie flying through the air on a swing, bouncing mile-high on a trampoline, or in the act of jumping from a high diving board into the perfectly still blue water of a pool.

I’m on Ngaire’s e-mail list, and every once in awhile, she’ll send notice of a special offer, or something new that’s available at her studio. Recently, she sent a series of sample photos of babies dressed as angels (see the photo to the right).

Natalie’s too old to do the angel thing, but seeing those photos always makes me imagine what Nat would look like decked out as an angel, and it’s always the image on the right-hand side of this photo that comes to mind. Just picture that defiant stance — then add white feathers and a halo!

Then, inevitably, the image starts to morph…halo to horns…white to red…
Get the picture? Now, that’s my Natalie!

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