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ADHD Blogging Basics

Are you an adult living with ADD or the parent of an ADHD child? Are you tempted to write your own blog about life with attention deficit? Follow these four steps to get started.

Typing an ADHD Blog
Typing an ADHD Blog

1. Find a host. You don’t have to be a high-tech wizard to create a blog. There are several sites that will help you set up a blog for free, or for a small annual fee .

If you want to create a unique blog, you can fly solo: Register a Web address at, then choose your own Web host, such as Yahoo! or AOL. This will require more tech savvy than a blog posted on a blog site.

2. Figure out your theme or topic-and stick to it. Define your intended audience. Is your blog for friends and family? For adults with ADHD? For parents of children with ADHD? Think through what you hope to accomplish by blogging. Do you want to establish a support system? Provide information to others? Understand yourself better?

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3. Think about privacy. For those who want to blog without making their life an open book, there are options: You can password-protect your site and give the password only to close friends and family members, or you can limit the personal information you share. Most bloggers shield their loved ones from public scrutiny by using nicknames or pseudonyms, posting few photos of them, and giving little identifying information.

4. Now start blogging. Keep posts fairly short, 200-500 words. Post often to keep readers coming back — three times per week at a minimum. Encourage comments, and respond to them promptly.’

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