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Stay Focused & Finish Your Homework with These 3 Apps

Ditch the digital distractions with one of these clever apps. Boost focus, study smarter, and get your homework done faster.

Apps that help build productivity for ADHD adults

Forest (iOS, Android) is an app that helps students stay off their phones and focus on their work. Here’s how it works: When you want to concentrate, you plant a seed in Forest. Over the next 30 minutes, this small seed will grow into a large tree; however, if you can’t resist the temptation to watch a YouTube video or play a game on your phone, your lovely little tree will wither away.

RescueTime (Mac, PC, Android) is a free software program that tracks how you spend your time on the computer and sends you weekly summaries along with a productivity score. ADHD students are often surprised to find that non-homework browsing eats up a lot of their time.

SelfControl (Mac) is an app that lets you block access to distracting websites, e-mail, and anything else on the Internet. Set a period of time, add the sites to your blacklist, and click “start.” By blacklisting sites that students know will tempt them, they can get assignments done by working, distraction-free, until the time expires.

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