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ADHD at School: New ADDitude eBook

The ultimate resource for parents and teachers of children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Each new school year brings the opportunity for a fresh start and exciting new successes. As the parent of a child with attention deficit or learning disabilities, we know you’re committed to doing everything you can to help your child achieve more, learn more, and enjoy more about the school year ahead – especially if she has struggled in the past with classroom behavior, completing homework assignments, following instructions, or remembering important information at school.

This year, ADDitude is thrilled to introduce a new resource designed to help your child shine at school this year: ADHD at School: A Guide for Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

The ADHD at School eBook contains ADDitude’s very best information about:
1. Working with teachers to secure the right school accommodations
1. Building better math, reading and writing skills
1. Studying smarter and finishing homework on time
1. Organizing backpacks, desks, and calendars
1. Fixing classroom behavior problems and following class rules
1. And much more…

ADHD at School is ADDitude’s most comprehensive handbook for parents ever published. Each of the eBook’s 9 chapters offers detailed information, step-by-step tips, and winning strategies for achieving success at school for ADHD children of all ages. Finally, here’s a back-to-school resource that addresses every aspect of school success for your child…

Chapter 1: Securing School Accommodations

How to get your child the help and support he needs to thrive at school.

Chapter 2: Working with the School

Daily report cards and other tools to help parents and teachers.

Chapter 3: Managing ADHD Symptoms at School and at Home ?

How to reduce impulsivity, fidgeting, and distractibility.

Chapter 4: Reading, Writing, Math ?

Helping your child enjoy books and numbers.

Chapter 5: Study & Homework Help

Completing and turning in assignments on time.

Chapter 6: The Organized Student

Help your child manage time and organize school materials and projects.

Chapter 7: Grade-Specific Help

Pointers for elementary, middle and high school students, plus college aid.

Chapter 8: ADHD Meds at School

Setting up a school-day dose.

Chapter 9: Learning Disabilities 101

Recognizing the symptoms and choosing the best programs.

ADHD at School is an invaluable resource during this back-to-school season and all year long. We are confident that you will find the support, guidance, and game plans inside to work with your child and his teachers on a great school year ahead.