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ADHD Arts and Crafts: How Can I Organize My Photos?

“I have ADD and am a photographer and a would-be scrapbooker. I have dozens of boxes filled with photos, kept in vaguely chronological order. How should I put them into albums?”

Think about the kinds of scrapbooks you’d like to make. For each scrapbook, set up a clearly labeled box. Then start sorting your photos into the appropriate boxes. Because of your chronological organization, you’ll find that you’ve already got photos grouped together for a few albums – make one with a series you took on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon, for example.

But for most of your photos, you’ll need to make decisions. So if Susan has the best smile in one of the group shots you took at the Grand Canyon, put that picture in Susan’s scrapbook instead of the family vacation album.

Try to pare down while you’re sorting. Throw away any shots that are blurry, unflattering, or just plain dull. If you have photos that are virtually identical, keep the best one and toss the others.