Teens with ADHD

ADHD and Speeding Tickets

My ADHD daughter was stopped for speeding. She shouted at the officer – and was given another ticket for verbally abusing him. Will her attention deficit get her out of traffic violations and fines?

ADHD, or any other disability, is not a justifiable excuse for a traffic violation or antisocial behavior. Although your daughter’s ADHD may make her inattentive to traffic rules and speed limits, the law still applies to her. Letting the judge know why the behavior occurred, however, may get her a reduced fine.

As to the verbal abuse, you should speak to the officer or prosecutor and inform him of your daughter’s disability. Your daughter has a right to free speech, unless her words were, in some way, threatening. Explain this to the prosecutor or officer and have your daughter apologize. This may mitigate the offense, or get the officer to dismiss that portion of the case.

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