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“Sabbatical from ADHD and Depression”

I’m being treated for adult ADHD, but frankly, I am depressed and irritable again.

I’m wondering if I’m getting tired of everyone, tired of even people who I’d considered friends until recent. Maybe it is the lack of sleep due to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, stress, or, once again, the medication playing games with me.

I keep thinking about what the group leader said in the last support group meeting for adults being treated for ADHD. He said the ADHD individual finds it hard to get and stay motivated. Like the dream apartment with the Jacuzzi balcony is a flash of a thrill, an idea, and then as quickly as it starts, it fizzles like fireworks in rain. Depressing, very.

Because frankly I am getting bored and irritable again. I am almost certain Adderall causes the side effect irritability. So on one hand, I can sit here and work and work, and on the other hand I am depressed. I just want to be alone. What sparked this reaction? I’m not sure except to say that with life in limbo, I feel like I’ve been walking around like a wet towel. Escape, escape.

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