“His Self-Esteem Is Off the Charts.”

Worried that you might not be choosing the best school accommodations for you child with ADHD? Learn why these parents found success with one-on-one instruction, homework planners, and an ADHD coach.

ADHD at School: Your Turn - Accommodations That Work
ADHD at School: Your Turn - Accommodations That Work

ADDitude asked: “Which accommodation has worked best for your child at school?”

As a teacher, I let my kids take their shoes off in the classroom. It helps them relax, especially the kids with ADHD. It makes the room a little stinky sometimes, but it’s worth it. -An ADDitude Reader

Accommodations haven’t helped as much as enrolling my kids in a school with a smaller class size. -An ADDitude Reader

Sitting at the front of the classroom keeps my son focused. If he doesn’t finish an assignment, giving him the opportunity to finish it later helps a great deal. -Julie, New Jersey

Hiring a coach for my son. They meet once a week. -Maryann, North Carolina

Untimed testing and taking exams away from peers have helped. -T.T., England

A homework planner. His teacher and we have to reinforce the habit of using it, but it has been a godsend. -An ADDitude Reader

One-on-one instruction that is customized to his advanced abilities. Also, having teachers and staff who understand that there are differences in children’s learning styles is a huge bonus after years of my child’s having a “bad kid” reputation at other schools. -An ADDitude Reader

Smaller groups, incentives for completing work, and going to school with kids who have similar struggles. -Alison, California

Keeping a journal and learning how to use a graphic organizer. -John, Maine

A behavior plan and daily e-mails from his kindergarten teacher. -D.M., New York

The best thing I did was to have my son attend the career center during his junior and senior years of high school. His teachers didn’t know he had ADD, but they encouraged him to do his best. He thrived there, and his self-esteem is off the charts. -S.R., Ohio