ADDitude Recommends: Schwab Interactive Tool

A new online tool helps parents of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) understand learning disabilities.

Schwab Interactive software
Schwab Interactive software

With the school year in high gear, is your child with attention deficit disorder not performing as well as she could? Perhaps she takes hours to complete an assignment or hasn’t made friends-or you’ve gotten the first troubling report card or note from the teacher.

Get all the help you need at There, you’ll find a new, interactive step-by-step tool for parents who suspect their child has a learning problem.

The online guide helps you pinpoint the roots of your child’s difficulties and walks you through the process, if necessary, of having your child evaluated for a learning disability (LD).

Schwab Learning arms you with the tips and tools to meet with your child’s teacher, learn about your legal rights, navigate the LD evaluation process, and secure effective accommodations.

By tackling the obstacles that hinder learning at an early stage, you’ll increase positive outcomes in the classroom and in life.

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