ADDitude Poll: Living with Adult ADD

As an adult with ADD, what aspect of your life is most negatively affected by the disorder?

As an adult with ADD, what aspect of your life is most negatively affected by the disorder? Friendships Romantic relationships Effectiveness on the job Managing the household Consistent parenting

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  1. The characteristic that has impacted my life the most is lack of awareness. Not only did it result in three divorces but I still am haunted by this at the age of 72. After a successful career in Pensions and Benefit CONSULTING ( only one client at a time can fire you) I have retired on 1/6th of my accumulated wealth and what i was able to save in the 5 years before retirement. Unable to interpret social clues I was unaware despite strong hints from friends and employers of my last 2 exxes that i was the financial security blanket for my last two wives who left promptly after an inheritance.
    I have no trouble accepting that and am enjoying the single retiree lifestyle when the fog lifts and i realize that my favorite time consuming and enjoyable activity Choral Singing 2 and sometimes 3 choral groups is suddenly at risk. A male chorus that i have belonged to for 5 years has done everything they possibly could to both discourage me from going on our spring tour and hiding and not sending me the details . The president elect even went so far as to suggest i was unhinged to want to attend so soon after surgery. . ( i had a heartnvalve replaced 7 weeks before)
    There are several other examples but it turns out that i am that one voice in a section that stands out and does not blend in with the group. Sing too loudly.. but no one has mentioned this. They did take time to direct me not to move around so much as it is distracting but that was due to a bout of sciatica from severe osteo arthritis of the back ergo Pain and new chairs. . Long since over.
    We are not remotely a professional group and 90% of us are retired. It is a male chorus but more aptly a community chorus.
    So although the social clues were all out there it wasnt til i put this and many other actions together and of course googled it that the pieces fell into place.
    My question for the group is what steps or suggestions do you have to be more attuned to these social clues .

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