Parent-Teacher Cooperation

ADDitude Asked: What is your best tip for getting your child’s teacher to be supportive?

Our children need teachers on their side! Here, ADDitude parents tell us how they enlisted teachers to be supportive.

Joins support a cabin, like teachers and parents joining forces add support to a child
Joins support a cabin, like teachers and parents joining forces add support to a child

ADDitude asked readers to share how they got their child’s teacher to be supportive. Here’s what they said!

I am an ADHD adult and an elementary school teacher. My advice is not to hide anything from the teacher. If your child is on medication, let the teacher know. If she forgets to take the medication one day, let the teacher know. That way, the teacher can be more sensitive to the student and give her the extra attention she may need. -John, Texas

Have an honest and friendly conversation that suggests you will be involved as much as you need to be, but that the teacher controls the classroom. -Melinda, Tennessee

Give clear explanations of your child’s behavior to the teacher, so he knows what to expect and how to work with your child. -An ADDitude Reader

I share articles and tools that a teacher can use with other students, not just mine. -B., Arizona

Show that you appreciate the teacher, and stay in touch with the teachers who “get” your child. There may be times when you need an ally or advocate in your corner, even if it’s behind the scenes. -Allyson, New Jersey

Don’t blame the teacher for anything your child does. I once listened to a mother complain that the teacher should have known her son would set the school on fire! I was flabbergasted. Instead, be available for impromptu chats, be friendly, and when the teacher points out a behavior of your child’s that causes problems, work with her. -An ADDitude Reader

I ask my child’s teacher to forgive my child every day, and to never hold a grudge. If she sees my child through fresh eyes every day, his chances for success are much greater. -An ADDitude Reader

Show the teacher Russell Barkley’s video on YouTube called “Essential Ideas for Parents.” -An ADDitude Reader

Request a teacher who appreciates all children. -Pam, California