Sleep & Mornings

ADDitude Asked: If your ADHD keeps you up, how do you get yourself to sleep?

Racing thoughts, stress, and regrets – how do you put these worries to bed for a restful night’s sleep?

ADDitude asked: “If your ADHD keeps you up, how do you get yourself to sleep?”

Aromatherapy oils help me get sound sleep. -Aviva, New York

I listen to music from the ’70s. Because I know the songs, it takes my mind off of my worries and I go to sleep almost immediately. -Walter, Alaska

Read a nonfiction book. It is less likely to be a page-turner than a fiction book and is easier to put down when I get tired. -Andrea, Ohio

I need to participate in a quiet activity that allows my mind and body to decompress. -Ann, Ohio

I take Advil PM every night after my child goes to bed. -Ana, Virginia

The only way I can get to sleep is to put the TV on. Once my brain focuses on the show, I fall asleep. -Carrie, Massachusetts

Reading a book that I’ve already read and liked helps me shut off obsessive or stressful thinking. This doesn’t work with a new book. I’ll stay up all night to finish it. -An ADDitude Reader

When I am restless in bed, I’ll get up, write down my thoughts, and return to bed. Putting my busy thoughts on paper and out of my head is helpful. Other times, I’ll get up and meditate, which helps my mind to quiet down. -Rudy, North Carolina

I’ve tried natural products to help me sleep, but because I have Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder and Restless Leg Syndrome,sleeping pills are the only thing I can depend on. -Diane, Florida

No PC or TV for at least an hour before bedtime, along with a mug of hot chocolate and 200 mg. of trazadone. -Jim, Idaho