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ADDitude Asked: How Do You Help Your Child Retain What He Learned During the School Year?

How do you keep your ADHD child learning during the long summer vacation? Here’s what other parents had to say.

Kids with ADHD engaging in educational activities outside
Kids with ADHD doing homework on grass

Fun workbooks, museum trips, crafts, and, last but not least, flash cards.
An ADDitude Reader

He reads two books of his choice during the summer. We work on math problems for 30 minutes, three times a week. We take him to museums and go on fun excursions. We also have him practice one sport.
An ADDitude Reader

I sign my child up for Kumon and have him tutored at home.
Deb, Connecticut

I buy sticker and activity books, and I pay my child to finish them.
Diane, East Moriches, New York

I try to find summer camp programs that blend academics with sports. One camp he attended offered science and math during the day, along with water sports, martial arts, and so on. I also try to get him to spend time each day doing review programs online.
Dee Boling, New Orleans, Louisiana

Keep reading, and use vacations as opportunities for learning experiences – things like visiting other cities, countries, monuments, and the beach or mountains. These first-hand experiences help us connect with our kids without the stress of school getting in the way. It really works.
Elizabeth, Virginia

By doing worksheets, visiting lots of fun places, and reading a lot.
An ADDitude Reader

I reinforce what he learned in school by talking about it with him.
An ADDitude Reader

Summer day camps help – a child practices social and academic skills in a fun setting. And all the activity allows a child to burn off energy.
Leslie, Chicago

Every summer in elementary school, I would buy review workbooks, and my daughter practiced four days a week.
Adele Rodarte, Alhambra, California

We put him in math tutoring for an hour a week and find interesting books for him to read. These activities stimulate his brain. When the new school year starts, he is always way ahead of his classmates.
An ADDitude Reader

We give him a break and let him have fun. He works much harder than the other kids during the school year, so we feel he deserves it. He is refreshed and ready to go back come fall.
Cindy, Pennsylvania