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ADHD Coaches: The Basics

How ADD coaches can help adults with attention deficit disorder get organized, get healthy, and get motivated for change.

ADHD Coaches: The Basics
ADHD Coaches: The Basics

Many adults with attention deficit turn to ADD coaches when they need help organizing their home, sorting out their finances, or advancing their careers.

But the long-term services of an ADD coach can also help achieve physical improvement, emotional/intellectual growth, strong social skills, education, career and business exploration, and financial planning, says Twila Gates, an RN and trained ADD Coach.

“Your Coach will offer tools and assist you with structured and realistic goal setting,” says Gates, who lists several other areas that could benefit from the help of a professionally trained coach, including:

  • Strategic planning and perspective
  • Making conscious & wise choices
  • Time, task, and space management
  • Motivation and follow-through
  • Developing systems for success
  • Healthy communications and relationships
  • A deeper understanding and love of self
  • A simplified and more orderly life
  • Achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle

Coaching sessions may be held face-to-face or from a distance. ADD coach Sandy Maynard, who lives in Washington DC, coaches over the telephone. She has clients as far away as Israel. Terry Matlen is the woman behind A.D.D. Consults, a service that offers consultations and other services primarily through email.

How to Find a Great Coach

Currently, there is no regulating body governing who can become an ADD Coach. However, some industry leaders are pushing for great regulation and national credentialing. To that end, the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association recently released Guiding Principles for Coaching Individuals with Attention Deficit Disorder, a document developed by a committee of coaches led by
Nancy Ratey, one of the leaders in the area of ADD coaching.

For now, one of the best ways to find a qualified coach is to contact graduates of a training program such as The ADD Coach Academy, which offers a nine-month program that includes specific instruction on how to deal with ADD challenges like procrastination, prioritizing, and other problems. David Giwerc, Founder and President of The Optimal Functioning Institute trains coaches through an extensive program called ADD Coach Training. Typically, an OFI Coach will have completed 18-22 months of training before being certified by the organization.

Current tuition for OFI is about $3000. The cost and the effort involved with programs like this tends to weed out people who are not serious about the program or who are looking to make a quick buck.

How Much Does it Cost?

The price of ADD coaching varies depending on who you choose and how much you want them to do. But, before ruling it out, consider how and ADD coach might help you save money on things like…

  • credit card finance charges
  • late payment fees
  • overdraft protection fees
  • returned check fees
  • penalty for late filing of income taxes
  • parking tickets
  • ticket for not renewing car tag on time
  • penalty for same
  • take-out food and eating out
  • spoiled vegetables/fruit
  • auto repair because you didn’t keep up with maintenance
  • library fines
  • late-return fines for videos and games
  • impulsive buying of non-necessary items
  • other avoidable expenses

Having a coach doesn’t mean that you will never have another late charge on your credit card bill or that you will remember to balance your checkbook. But it could help you take important steps in the right direction.

Updated on October 9, 2018

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