Accommodations on the SAT

“My son receives extra time on tests through a 504 Plan. Can he receive the same accommodation when he takes the SAT?”

Pencil on standardized multiple choice test belonging to ADHD student using the extended test time accommodation.
Pencil on standardized multiple choice test belonging to ADHD student.

He’s in luck. The College Board, which administers the SAT, provides accommodations to ADD students who can prove that their condition affects their test-taking ability-and a 504 Plan or IEP should be proof enough. To line up the accommodation, your son must complete the Board’s Student Eligibility Form, which should be available from his guidance counselor or the school’s student disabilities coordinator.

For students who lack a 504 or IEP, the process is a bit more complicated. These students must complete the same form, but must take additional steps to document their disability themselves. If you have to go this route, work with your son’s guidance counselor to make sure the documentation is correct.

For more information on the College Board’s eligibility criteria, guidelines for documenting a disability, and instructions for filling out the form, go to

Students taking the ACT test can request accommodations through a similar process. Students taking this test can read more at

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