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A Walk in the Rain with a Brain

A walking, talking cerebrum named Fred reassures a worried little girl.

IEP 504 Plan: Books On Staircase
IEP 504 Plan: Books On Staircase

by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.
Regan Books, $16.95
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“No brain is the best.” That is the message that this charming children’s book, written by child and adult psychiatrist Ned Hallowell for his own children with ADHD, passes along to readers, young and old. It’s the story of Lucy, a little girl who worries that she isn’t smart enough, and a walking, talking cerebrum named Fred. When Lucy finds him, Fred is sitting forlornly in a puddle on a rainy day. He’s lost, so Lucy decides to help him find his way back into his head. Along the way, the courtly cerebrum, who speaks in rhyming couplets, teaches and reassures Lucy that “everyone’s smart/You just need to find out at what.”

This is the perfect book for a child with ADHD who may feel inferior to his peers — and for a parent who doesn’t have the right words to explain why he isn’t. The discussion guide at the end of the book will put parent and child on the same wavelength.

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