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Book Review: A Parent’s Guide to Developmental Delays

A guide to identifying and coping with children’s developmental delays.

Treating ADHD/ADD in Children and Adolescents Solutions for Parents and Clinicians

by Laurie LeComer, M. Ed.
Perigee, $14.95
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My husband and I met our daughter, Natalie, in the playroom of an orphanage halfway around the world. We fell in love with her instantly, but were shocked at the extent of her developmental delays. She was tiny for a two-year-old, seemed afraid to move, and didn’t make a sound. Within days of coming home, however, our girl became crazy-busy. She exhausted us. Our pediatrician confirmed our suspicions that Natalie has ADHD.

I recently discovered a resource to answer my ongoing questions about my daughter’s behavior: A Parent’s Guide to Developmental Delays. In her easy-to-read book, Laurie LeComer, M.Ed., covers a range of cognitive, speech and language, social and emotional, motor, and sensory integration disorders that can accompany ADHD. She summarizes treatment options and educational supports, and coaches parents on interacting with doctors and other professionals.

I found her “Test of Three” method for determining when to seek professional help particularly useful: Write down three specific concerns you have about your child (e.g., “She doesn’t make eye contact”), decide how you’ll address each one (e.g., “I will touch her shoulder and ask her to look at me”), and use your interventions daily for three weeks. If you see no improvement, you may want to consider professional intervention.

LeComer maintains a supportive tone that conveys respect for the children who experience delays or disorders and for the astuteness of their parents.

I suspect I may never have answers to all my questions about my daughter, but, with the help of caring teachers, therapists, doctors — and, now, LeComer’s book-I have a clearer picture of her challenges and of her numerous strengths.

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