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Modern Money Management: 3 Online Resources to Keep Track of Your Finances

Our favorite, affordable web resources to help adults with ADHD manage the everyday essentials.

Change stacked up on table by ADHD person trying to save money
Change stacked up on table by ADHD person trying to save money

1. Pay Bills on Time

Online bill paying via your bank’s site is useful, but there’s always a chance you’ll forget to sign on and pay bills on time. won’t let you forget: It e-mails you when a bill arrives at its site, and you can log in and pay it. If you ignore it, you’ll get another e-mail prior to the late payment date.

As with banks, you can set up recurring payments, but Paytrust also allows you to pay for things that don’t have an incoming bill — the babysitter, a rug-cleaning service.

$9.95/month for service on 25 bills.

2. Stick to a Budget

Budget software, from Snowmint Creative Solutions (, can keep you out of money hell.

Unlike most money management software — which tracks your expenses and balance after you’ve spent your grocery stash on, say, a smartphone — Budget sorts your income into virtual “envelopes,” so you can immediately see how much you can spend in each category.

When you pay a bill or purchase something, the amount is subtracted from one of your envelopes (split transactions are possible), and everything is updated to show your current balance by category. A lot easier than opening up real envelopes and hoping there’s enough inside, right?

$5.99 for iOS app; $39.95 for Mac or PC.

3. Shop Smarter

Homework, doctor appointments, martial arts lessons — raising a child with ADHD is a 24/7 job. Who has the time — or the energy — to shop? You do, if you log on to

Enter the item you’re searching for — running shoes or a digital camera — and the shopping bot will find the lowest price online. You’ll save money and skip sales tax, and have more time to spend with your child.

Free; visit