4 Ways to Work As a Family

Enlist the help of everyone in the family to solve everyday dilemmas.

Take out the trash and find family solutions
Take out the trash and find family solutions

Who said moms should be able to solve everyday problems on their own? Family members can be tremendously helpful — but you’ve got to ask for their help. Here’s how:

  • Define the problem. Sit down with your family, and talk things over. What exactly is causing the trouble? Who should be involved in the solution?
  • Brainstorm solutions. Come up with a few possible approaches to the problem. (Kids are surprisingly good at this.) Together, decide which approach is likely to solve the problem.
  • Try the solution. If it solves the problem, great. If not, reevaluate. Should you fine-tune it to see if that might work? Or should you ditch it and try something else? Seek input from everyone involved.
  • Keep an open mind. What works well initially may lose its effectiveness over time. Continue to think of ways to make things better.