Stress & Anxiety

3 Stress-Management Techniques For Adults with ADHD

Could handling stress be as simple as breathing, and smiling? These expert tips provide easy ways for adults with ADHD to better deal with stress.

Adults with ADHD often complain of stress and anxiety brought on by daily challenges with organization, work, and relationship problems. Here, an attention-deficit expert offers stress-management techniques. Try them next time you start to feel overwhelmed.

Stop and breathe.

We are not always aware that we hold our breath when we encounter stress. At the very beginning of a stressful situation, remind yourself to keep breathing.

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Make an effort to breathe smoothly, deeply and evenly from the diaphragm. Also make sure to exhale each breath completely to help you lengthen your breaths.

Smile and relax.

Smiling boosts your emotional state by stimulating nerve impulses from the facial muscles to the limbic system, a key emotional center of the brain. Sit up, or stand up straight, as you smile. Balance your posture by lifting up your head and chin and relax your jaw and shoulders. Smile and let yourself you feel happy and light, as your body relaxes.

Try visualizing a wave or breeze washing or blowing away all unnecessary tension from your body. Feel centered, in control, and relaxed. Soothing music and sounds can help you achieve this feeling. Look to sound machines and other stress controlling gadgets for help.

Take control of the situation.

Don’t start to fret with useless questions like, “Why is this happening to me?” Instead, ask yourself, “What can I do right now that will make this situation better?”

Focus on what you can control instead of what you can’t.

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