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10 Decluttering Tips

How to find the items in your house that make you happy, and eliminate all of the other things – books, clothes, and mementos – that are weighing you down.

It’s easy to get discouraged and give up when we start to declutter our homes. Often, the reason we fail is because we get bogged down by the emotional value our possessions hold. We start with mementos, the stuff that is really hard to let go of, and get derailed before we get very far.

Alexa Weber Morales, a singer, athlete, mom, and home organizer, is here to help with the best tips she learned from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.

The bottom line is: Love it or lose it. It’s not about eliminating stuff, but finding what makes you happy. With each object, you ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” The Kondo philosophy is to go by category – clothes, books, papers, miscellaneous things, and then save the mementos for last. You want to live in a beautiful place that reflects how you are now. These techniques will let you eliminate excess clutter to make room for new things to come into your life.


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