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Explore ADDitude's Most Comprehensive Guides on ADHD and LD

The ADDitude editors have collected our best, most up-to-date information about diagnosing, treating, and learning with ADHD or LD, and compiled it into these comprehensive eBooks. Each eBook is a downloadable PDF. These products do not ship.

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Video Games and the ADHD Brain

A Parent's Guide to Setting Limits on Screen Time and Keeping Kids Safe Online
- Choose brain-building video games for your child
- Understand the risks associated with video games
- Create a system to set limits and boundaries where everyone is happy
- Keep your child safe from cyberbullying and other online threats
- Learn about hyperfocus and how it relates to video game addiction
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The Complete IEP/504 Guide

A Step-by-Step Road Map to Securing School Accommodations for Your Child
- Secure a correct diagnosis for your child
- Navigate the IEP or 504 process
- Draft an IEP or 504 that will help your child succeed in school
- Track your child's progress against set goals
- Learn about your rights as a parent and how to respond if the IEP isn't followed
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ADHD at School
Accommodations, Homework Help, Organization Tips and More

A Complete Guide to Academic Success for Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD or LD
- Work with teachers to secure the right school accommodations
- Build better math, reading and writing skills
- Study smarter and finish homework without drama
- Organize backpacks, desks and calendars
- Fix classroom behavior problems
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ADHD Medication & Treatment

- Ensure an accurate diagnosis
- Devise an effective treatment plan
- Understand the benefits and drawbacks of popular ADD medications
- Manage side effects like sleeplessness, weight loss/gain, tics, etc.
- Research alternative treatment options
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