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ADDitude is the magazine built for families living with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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Your Complete IEP & 504 Accommodations Guide

Get the Accommodations Your Child Needs.
This detailed, 12-step booklet explains exactly what actions parents must take to create, implement, and maintain an IEP or 504 Plan for their child with ADHD or learning disabilities. Learn how to request a school assessment for services. Understand the important differences between an IEP and 504. Get expert-recommended accommodations. Understand your rights to review and revise. Plus much, much more! (2014)
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Success at School 2006: Learning Essentials for Children with ADD

A parent-teacher handbook from ADDitude.
ADDitude created this user-friendly handbook full of essential information about AD/HD so that parents and educators can work from the same source and stay on the same page. Learning Essenials contains eight tip sheets, each describing a behavior associated with AD/HD, and each offering practical, time-tested strategies to manage it in the classroom. Share them with your child's teacher and help your child succeed at school. (2006)

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Success at School 2005

This handbook, the latest in our annual back-to-school specials, takes note of the unique challenges and expectations that await our children at the transitions between each level of schooling. Parents and teachers of elementary and middle schoolers will find practical techniques for helping children achieve academic goals, fit in socially, and get organized. High school and college students will find a useful guide to doing what it takes to succeed. (2005)

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Living With ADD

Great articles from the archives.
Don't miss this helpful collection! The 32 pages of articles selected from the archives of ADDitude Magazine are filled with real-life advice for managing AD/HD in adults and children. With topics ranging from advocating for your child at school to lessening the effects of ADD in the workplace, and tips for good nutrition, better sleep habits, and raising happy, healthy children with AD/HD, there's a useful article for everyone who's living with ADD. (2005)

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ADDventures in Babysitting...with Ellen Kingsley

Tips and tricks for ADD childcare.
While parents of children with AD/HD may have developed a sixth-sense for heading off trouble before it starts, babysitters and temporary caregivers may not be so savvy. Packed with information, this concise guide summarizes the condition and gives advice on settling squabbles, lessening separation anxiety, getting kids to bed, and more. Fill out the Babysitting Checklist in the inside back cover, offer this booklet to anyone looking after your children, and spend your time away with confidence and peace of mind. (2004)

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