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Success at School for Kids with ADHD/LD

This is your back-to-school playbook — an essential tool for parents, teachers, and children with ADHD or LD. Click each of the steps below for in-depth expert advice.

A back-to-school playbook for parents, teachers, and kids. Click on each step below for specific strategies from the learning experts at ADDitude.

WEEK 1: Spend Your Summer Wisely

WEEK 2: Must-Dos Before School Starts

WEEK 3: Build or Refine Your IEP or 504 Plan

WEEK 4: Find Accommodations That Work

WEEK 5: Help Teachers Support Our Kids

WEEK 6: Get the School on Your Child's Side

WEEK 7: Devise Smart Homework Strategies

WEEK 8: Sharpen the 3 Rs

WEEK 9: Make Good Friends

WEEK 10: Focus on Organization

WEEK 11: Focus on Classroom Behavior

WEEK 12: Focus on Distractibility

WEEK 13: Improve Memory and Language Skills

WEEK 14: Evaluate and Improve Accommodations