Parenting ADHD Children Slideshows

ADHD Up in Lights: Film Characters We Love
Talking About ADD & LD 10 slides
"Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming." It's funny how sometimes the best advice comes from pixels. From each of the fictional film characters listed here, we learned something quite extraordinary about living, loving, and following your passion with ADHD. Rent these movies with your loved ones and enjoy a smile on us! ... start slideshow
Music Therapy: 8 Best Songs for ADHD Minds
Healthy Minds & Bodies 10 slides
Scientific research confirms that music can heal and strengthen the brain. Try these 8 tried-and-true classical songs to help your child with ADHD focus, improve language acquisition, and even sleep. ... start slideshow
ODD and ADHD: Parenting Your Defiant Child
Behavior & Discipline 13 slides
ADHD behavior issues often partner with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), making discipline a challenge. Try these strategies for managing and treating an angry, defiant child. ... start slideshow
10 Rewards Your Child Will Work For
Parenting Skills 12 slides
There is no magic in parenting. No one gleaming reward will convince your child that chores are fun. But the right incentive can save you from a lot of nagging, reminding, and bribing. Try these 10 parent- and expert-approved prizes that work. ... start slideshow
Why ADHD Children Don't Sleep—and What You Can Do About It
Healthy Minds & Bodies 14 slides
Better sleep leads to better control of ADHD symptoms for children. Here are parent-tested solutions for a good night's rest. ... start slideshow
Routine Matters: 11 Rules for ADHD-Friendly Schedules
Schedules & Organizing 12 slides
A reliable daily routine -- at school and at home -- is essential to your child's success. 11 tips for establishing a schedule that works for your family. ... start slideshow
10 Book Characters Who Make Us Smile
Talking About ADD & LD 12 slides
"Who knows, he may grow up to be President someday...unless they hang him first!" From Tom Sawyer to Willy Wonka, these classic and contemporary fictional characters will help kids and parents alike celebrate their own ADHD-fueled creativity, intelligence, and spunk. The literary world would certainly be boring without them. ... start slideshow
Get Your ADHD Child Up and Out the Door On Time
Schedules & Organizing 9 slides
Does waking your ADHD child each morning incite an epic battle? Bring peace to your household with these expert tips for getting your ADHD child up and out the door. ... start slideshow
The 2015 ADDitude Gift Guide for Kids with ADHD
Holidays & Travel 17 slides
Great ideas for the creative, spirited, sometimes forgetful and disorganized kids on your shopping list. ... start slideshow
Parenting Through Positive Reinforcement
Parenting Skills 8 slides
Whatever the challenges, we know without a doubt that our kids can successfully follow their dreams. The key is positive parenting that emphasizes their strengths, and sets realistic goals for improving weaknesses. ... start slideshow
9 Best Apps to Give Your Child This Holiday Season
Holidays & Travel 11 slides
Smartphone apps can be great tools to help your child manage symptoms, learn skills, and have fun — all from the comfort of the couch! Get these apps for your kid this holiday season, and use them to help him develop good habits and learn new things. ... start slideshow
The 8 Best Social Skills Apps for ADHDers
Friendships & Social Life 10 slides
Could better social skills for your ADHDer be a tap and a slide away? Check out these apps designed to deliver solid social skills. ... start slideshow
9 Ways to Nourish Your Picky Eater
Healthy Minds & Bodies 11 slides
How to get your chicken-nuggets-or-nothing child the nutrition she needs. ... start slideshow
Great Gift Ideas for Kids with ADHD
Holidays & Travel 21 slides
Holiday wish-list recommendations that will help your child with social skills, hyperactivity, sensory integration issues, and more! ... start slideshow
YouTube as Coach: 16 Videos That Teach Social Skills
Friendships & Social Life 12 slides
We love cat videos and carpool karaoke just as much as the next guy. But the power of YouTube goes much, much deeper. Here, learn how videos can help kids with ADHD learn to decode non-verbal information and grasp the feelings underlying social relationships. ... start slideshow
Strategies to Help Your ADHD Child Fib Less
Behavior & Discipline 9 slides
Understand why kids with ADHD are more prone to tell lies — and learn what you can do to help guide your ADHDer to honesty. ... start slideshow
The Good Morning Guide: How to Wake Up an ADHD Child
Parenting Skills 14 slides
From alarm clocks and checklists to tickle monsters and late fees, our readers share their best (and sometimes, unusual!) tips for getting those stubborn ADHDers up and at ‘em. ... start slideshow
10 Ways to Help Your Child Focus
Schedules & Organizing 12 slides
ADDitude readers share the creative tricks and tools they use to focus the attention of their ADHD kids on homework, schoolwork, or chores. ... start slideshow
Secrets of Smart ADHD Discipline: Dos and Don'ts
Behavior & Discipline 10 slides
Tired of nagging and yelling at your ADHD child? Follow these simple tricks to encourage good choices in ADHD kids. ... start slideshow
The 21 Worst Things People Say About ADHD
Life Stories 23 slides
Surrounded by ADHD know-it-all's? Here are the most thoughtless comments you've heard about attention deficit. ... start slideshow
You Know Your Kid Has ADHD When...
Life Stories 17 slides
Parents of children with ADHD share some "kid ADHDisms," highlighting the funny side of living with an ADHD child. ... start slideshow
Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes for ADHD Families
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Say goodbye to weekday dinner stress with these 10 quick and easy recipes that you and your ADHD kids will love! ... start slideshow
What NOT to Say to the Parent of an ADHD Child
Talking About ADD & LD 12 slides
Despite iron-clad medical evidence to the contrary, ADHD is still considered by many to be nothing more than poor parenting, too much screen time, or a parental excuse for lack of discipline. Not so. If you know someone who is parenting a child with ADHD, here are 10 untruths and misperceptions you just shouldn't repeat. ... start slideshow
The 8 Best ADHD/LD Parenting Books
Parenting Skills 10 slides
Put your child on the path to being healthy, happy, and in charge of their ADHD with this list of top ADHD parenting books. ... start slideshow
Executive Function Action Plan: 10 Steps to Independence
Schedules & Organizing 12 slides
One hallmark of ADHD is executive function trouble. Our kids aren't the best planners, organizers, or self-regulators. And that can get very frustrating very quickly. Parents, follow these 10 simple tips to boost all 7 executive functions — and help your child gain more independence. ... start slideshow
How to Defuse an Angry Child
Behavior & Discipline 11 slides
Your child may not be able to use his words to express his feelings calmly—so learn to listen with your heart to help him feel understood. ... start slideshow
How to Survive a Family Vacation
Holidays & Travel 8 slides
While most of us look forward to the breaks in routine that a vacation brings, ADHD kids do best with predictability. Here are strategies for making vacation more enjoyable for the whole family by baking in some familiarity and downtime. ... start slideshow
The 6 Toughest ADHD Discipline Dilemmas — Solved!
Behavior & Discipline 8 slides
Parenting guru Peter Jaska, Ph.D., on the best ways to cope with 6 behavioral problems common among children with ADHD. ... start slideshow
11 Tips for No-Shout, No-Tears Discipline
Behavior & Discipline 13 slides
You don’t have to blow a gasket to put your child on his best behavior. These kinder, gentler strategies will work wonders. ... start slideshow
"One More Block!" Managing Your Child's Minecraft Obsession
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Minecraft is addictive. That’s a fact. And kids with ADHD seem to hyperfocus particularly hard on building the game's creative, pixelated worlds. Which is all fine and good, until it’s time to stop — and the tantrums and defiance begin. Here's your survival guide, parents. ... start slideshow
10 Sanity Savers for ADHD Parents
Parenting Skills 12 slides
There's only one person you can control, and that's you. So here are the actions you can take to feel supported, understood and way less stressed. ... start slideshow
No More Bullying! Strategies for ADHD Kids
Friendships & Social Life 16 slides
Bullies prey on kids who stand out or who struggle with social skills. Too many of our ADHD kids fall victim — and some are even guilty of bullying themselves. Learn how to help your child stop the cycle of bullying with this advice. ... start slideshow
Game On: 10 Best Sports for Kids with ADHD or Learning Disabilities
Sports & Hobbies 13 slides
Choosing the right sport or activity for your child with ADHD/LD can make all the difference in boosting focus, mood, and self-esteem. Here, parents and experts recommend after-school activities that work particularly well for ADHD kids. ... start slideshow
Emotional Control Strategies for ADHD Kids
Healthy Minds & Bodies 11 slides
When ADHD kids practice controlling their emotions and impulsive outbursts, they will be healthier and happier at school and at home. Here's how parents can help. ... start slideshow
Debunking ADHD Doubters
Talking About ADD & LD 14 slides
When perfect strangers make ignorant comments about ADHD, it can make your blood boil. But what do you do when the people making the comments are friends and family? Read on to find out. ... start slideshow
10 Ways to Get Your ADHD Child Organized
Schedules & Organizing 12 slides
Organization help to transform even the messiest children with ADHD into neatniks — and help prepare them for life on their own. ... start slideshow
Fidget to Focus
Behavior & Discipline 11 slides
Doing two things at once can enhance focus and improve performance for ADHD kids and adults. Learn how. ... start slideshow
ADHD Parenting Strategies That Work!
Parenting Skills 15 slides
Learn a few adjustments to how you parent your ADHD child that will make the difference from being a good parent to being a great parent. ... start slideshow
No More Meltdowns! 6 ADHD-Friendly Calming Strategies
Behavior & Discipline 9 slides
The afternoon is often the toughest time of day for hungry, tired kids — especially those who struggle with transitions. Here’s how parents can defuse meltdowns before they begin. ... start slideshow
Top 10 Anger Management Tips for Your Child
Behavior & Discipline 12 slides
Anger leads the list of emotions that can get ADHD kids in trouble. Here’s Dr. Ned Hallowell on how to manage it. ... start slideshow
Real Parents Share Lessons Learned Raising ADHD Kids
Life Stories 13 slides
Parents reflect on what they’ve learned raising a child with attention deficit, and share tips for meeting the challenges of parenthood. ... start slideshow
"Mom, I Made a New Friend!"
Friendships & Social Life 17 slides
Social skills do not come naturally to children with ADHD. Help your child make and keep buddies by following these “friendly” strategies. ... start slideshow
Summer Success for ADHD Campers
Summer Camps & Activities 11 slides
9 things every parent should know before enrolling their child in a summer camp or class — from choosing an ADHD-friendly program to ensuring consistent treatment and discipline, plus more. ... start slideshow
10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Child
Parenting Skills 13 slides
"What were you thinking?" "You're not even trying!" Parents aren't perfect — we all wish we could take back some of the harsh things we've said. But here are 10 phrases that parents of ADHD kids should absolutely, positively never say out loud. ... start slideshow
Keep Calm and Mom (or Dad) On
Parenting Skills 10 slides
Simple mindfulness techniques to help you keep calm when dealing with your kid's outbursts, behavior problems, and meltdowns. ... start slideshow
8 Ways to Communicate with ADHD Teens without Hovering or Nagging
Teens and Young Adults 12 slides
Teens and tweens with executive function deficits often need an extra nudge to get going. Here are 8 ways to help them get (and stay!) on the right track without hovering or starting a fight. ... start slideshow
Teens and Screens: 9 Tactics for Limiting Technology Use
Teens and Young Adults 11 slides
Teens with executive function deficits have trouble planning ahead and following through with tasks. They don’t need the added distractions that technology brings. Here’s how parents can limit screen time and encourage healthy interests. ... start slideshow
How to Help Your Teen Set Goals — and Get Motivated
Teens and Young Adults 10 slides
The key to helping teens tap in to their innate (but often buried) motivation is to understand what they really want (besides clothes, phones, and video games), and using those desires to help them set goals. ... start slideshow