Adult ADHD Slideshows

Do you struggle with ADHD symptoms such as disorganization, lack of focus, and poor time management? Do you have trouble maintaining relationships? Use the slideshows below to help you regain control of your life, ADHD adults.
Take Action Against Distraction
The Organized Life 10 slides
Nine strategies for keeping your eye—and ADHD brain—on the ball. ... start slideshow
Is It Adult ADHD? A Basic Primer
Healthy Minds & Bodies 18 slides
ADHD is usually considered a childhood disorder, so symptoms in adults are often overlooked, even though an estimated four percent of the adult population meets the criteria. ... start slideshow
13 Tips to Conquer the Clutter
The Organized Life 13 slides
If you can't find your kitchen table because it's buried under piles of stuff, these tips will restore order to your rooms and life. ... start slideshow
19 Ways to Succeed on the Job with Adult ADHD
Success on the Job 19 slides
Staying organized at the job can be challenging for many ADHDers, but these workplace tips will help you get more done in less time. ... start slideshow
The 10 Worst Therapists for ADHD Adults
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Attending regular therapy sessions can help you manage your symptoms, but ADHDers beware. Some therapists will leave you feeling more confused and frustrated than ever before. ... start slideshow
Wired, Tired, and Sleep Deprived
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Kept awake by a buzzing brain or a faulty sense of time? These strategies are a great start for putting ADHD symptoms to bed. ... start slideshow
13 Secrets to Stress-Free ADHD Living
The Organized Life 13 slides
Tried-and-true tips for organizing your home, time, and personal life. ... start slideshow
13 Steps to Make It On Your Own in College
College & Young Adults 13 slides
You are heading out of your parents' house to start your college career. Make sure you are college-ready by tapping into these strategies and tips. ... start slideshow
You Know You Have Adult ADHD When...
Life Stories 16 slides
Here's to highlighting the funny side of living with attention deficit symptoms. ... start slideshow
You Know You Have Adult ADHD When...(Part 2)
Life Stories 20 slides
Funny anecdotes adults shared about living with attention deficit disorder. Can you relate? ... start slideshow
10 Tips for Making Friends
Love and Friendships 11 slides
Friendship costs nothing but time and attention, and it gives just about everything that matters in life. These suggestions will help you make—and keep—friends. ... start slideshow
Chronically Late? Adult ADHD Time Management Tips
Managing Time & Money 11 slides
Why ADHD adults are usually late and how to improve your time management skills so you'll be on time, every time. ... start slideshow
16 Sayings for ADHDers to Live and Laugh By
Healthy Minds & Bodies 17 slides
Wise and funny words to help you reset and relax when you are overwhelmed. ... start slideshow
How to Get Accommodations at Work
Success on the Job 13 slides
ADHD symptoms making work difficult? Here is your road map to getting accommodations on the job. Use these strategies to become the ultimate ADHD self-advocate. ... start slideshow
10 Simple Steps to a Better Life with ADHD
The Organized Life 12 slides
Put off by long-term plans and goals? These 10 tweaks for everyday living can change your life for the better — starting today. ... start slideshow
Keys to Academic Success for ADHD College Students
College & Young Adults 14 slides
Learning how to get organized, study hard, and stay ahead academically is as essential as reading Shakespeare for ADHD college students. ... start slideshow
ADHD Emotions: How They Affect Your Life and Happiness
Healthy Minds & Bodies 11 slides
The emotion commotion of ADHD can hurt self-esteem, relationships, and just about everything else in life. Here’s what you should know to control it. ... start slideshow
The Get-Things-Done-Now Guide for ADHDers
The Organized Life 12 slides
Eleven how-to strategies for de-cluttering, managing paper, overcoming distraction, and feeling less anxious about deadlines. ... start slideshow
ADHD Holiday Survival Guide
Holidays & Travel 10 slides
10 tips to help you enjoy the holiday season and start the new year energized, refreshed, and happy. ... start slideshow
Weight-Loss Tips for ADHD Adults
Healthy Minds & Bodies 10 slides
Determined to lose weight, ADHD adults? Tip the scales in your favor with this great advice for sticking to your plan. ... start slideshow
What Does It Feel Like to Have ADHD?
Life Stories 14 slides
Overwhelming. Frustrating. And sometimes paralyzing. We asked our readers what it's like to have ADHD. Our readers told us the unvarnished truth. ... start slideshow
Why ADHDers Act the Way We Do: Understanding ADHD Behavior
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Keys to understanding our thinking and behaviors -- from preferring the company of fellow ADDers to hyperfocusing all night, to doubting our ability to perform when others want us to. ... start slideshow