Adult ADHD Slideshows

Do you struggle with ADHD symptoms such as disorganization, lack of focus, and poor time management? Do you have trouble maintaining relationships? Use the slideshows below to help you regain control of your life, ADHD adults.
14 Celebrities with ADHD
Success on the Job 16 slides
Let this list of actors, musicians, athletes, and other role models who have made it big with ADHD serve as a reminder that a diagnosis does not in any way preclude a bright future. ... start slideshow
12 Secrets to a Happy, Healthy ADHD Marriage
Love and Friendships 14 slides
Marriage can be difficult, especially if one or both of you have ADHD. But it is in your power to make married life easier—and more fun—with these secrets to a strong partnership. ... start slideshow
Why ADHDers Act the Way We Do: Understanding ADD Behavior
Healthy Minds & Bodies 13 slides
Keys to understanding our ADHD thinking and behaviors -- from preferring the company of fellow ADD adults to hyperfocusing all night, to doubting our ability to perform when others want us to. ... start slideshow
9 Food Fixes to Supercharge Your Brain
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Did you know that eating too much of the wrong foods can actually shrink the decision-making parts of the brain? Tap into these brain-boosting food habits, recommended by Dr. Daniel G. Amen, to improve your focus, memory, and mood — naturally. ... start slideshow
Great Gift Ideas for Adults with ADD
Gadgets & Gizmos 21 slides
Who says getting organized, focused, and productive can't be jolly? These gift ideas will show the ADHDer in your life how much you care — and understand — this holiday season. ... start slideshow
"I'm Tired of Feeling Tired!" How to Solve Common Sleep Problems
Healthy Minds & Bodies 11 slides
Sleep difficulties -- falling asleep quickly, staying asleep consistently, and waking up on time -- often go hand-in-hand with adult ADD. Here are expert strategies for getting the rest your brain and body need. ... start slideshow
Wired, Tired, and Sleep Deprived
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Kept awake by a buzzing brain or a faulty sense of time? These strategies are a great start for putting ADHD symptoms to bed. ... start slideshow
8 Best Sleep Apps for ADHD Adults
Gadgets & Gizmos 10 slides
Here’s our list of the top sleep aid apps to help ADHDers fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up on time. Sweet dreams! ... start slideshow
The Never-To-Do List
Success on the Job 11 slides
A collection of time wasters and productivity killers that ADD adults should try to avoid at all costs. ... start slideshow
The ADHD Way to Save Money
Managing Time & Money 12 slides
Our step-by-step guide for managing your money contains simple strategies for devising a budget and sticking to it — during the holidays and all year long. ... start slideshow
19 Secrets to Earning Praise (and a Raise) at Work
Success on the Job 19 slides
Organization skills. Time management. Focus. Follow through. These are all workplace challenges for adults with ADD, but you've got plenty of strengths, too. Use these tips to let your superpowers shine on the job. ... start slideshow
The ADHD Food Fix
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Studies show that a high-protein, low-sugar, no-additive diet, combined with ADHD-friendly supplements, can improve ADHD symptoms. ... start slideshow
You Know You Have Adult ADHD When...
Life Stories 16 slides
Here's to highlighting the funny side of living with attention deficit symptoms. ... start slideshow
You Know You Have Adult ADHD When...(Part 2)
Life Stories 20 slides
Funny anecdotes adults shared about living with attention deficit disorder. Can you relate? ... start slideshow
13 Tips to Conquer the Clutter
The Organized Life 13 slides
If you can't find your kitchen table because it's buried under piles of stuff, these tips will restore order to your rooms and life. ... start slideshow
Why Diets Don't Work: Lose Weight the ADHD Way
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Scientific studies demonstrate a link between ADHD and obesity. But that doesn't mean it can't be broken -- these tips will help you break the cycle of seeking stimulation, eating for the wrong reasons, and fighting frustration or low self-esteem. ... start slideshow
ADHD Emotions: How They Affect Your Life and Happiness
Healthy Minds & Bodies 11 slides
The emotion commotion of ADHD can hurt self-esteem, relationships, and just about everything else in life. Here’s what you should know to control it. ... start slideshow
The Best Habits of Thoughtful, Loyal Friends
Love and Friendships 12 slides
Do you pay enough attention to the relationships that matter most? ADHD or not, the answer is probably "well, um, not really." Use these strategies to make friendships more manageable, fulfilling, and sustainable for everyone. ... start slideshow
Time Management: Best Apps for ADHD Adults
Gadgets & Gizmos 12 slides
Your smartphone has the potential to be the ultimate time management tool—all it needs are a few upgrades. Try out these top-rated productivity apps, tailor-made for ADHD adults. ... start slideshow
Too Loud! Too Itchy! Too Much! ADD and Hypersensitivity
Healthy Minds & Bodies 11 slides
ADD seems to exacerbate and exaggerate everything — especially our senses. If you feel that your sense of taste, smell or hearing is always in overdrive, you're not alone. We asked hypersensitive ADDitude readers what bothers you most, and then found expert advice for dialing down the senses. ... start slideshow
What Does It Feel Like to Have ADD?
Life Stories 14 slides
Overwhelming. Frustrating. And sometimes paralyzing. We asked our readers what it's like to have one of the 7 types of ADD. Our readers told us the unvarnished truth. ... start slideshow
The Get-Things-Done-Now Guide for ADHDers
The Organized Life 12 slides
Eleven how-to strategies for de-cluttering, managing paper, overcoming distraction, and feeling less anxious about deadlines. ... start slideshow
13 Secrets to Stress-Free ADHD Living
The Organized Life 15 slides
Tried-and-true tips for organizing your home, time, and personal life. ... start slideshow
10 Apps to Train Your Brain
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Download these ADHD-friendly brain-training apps for stronger focus, longer memory, and a more organized thought process. ... start slideshow
Chronically Late? Adult ADHD Time Management Tips
Managing Time & Money 11 slides
Why ADHD adults are usually late and how to improve your time management skills so you'll be on time, every time. ... start slideshow
8 Most ADHD-Friendly Jobs
Success on the Job 18 slides
Experts in adult ADHD suggest good jobs for your unique skill set -- creativity, enthusiasm, energy, problem-solving skills and more. ... start slideshow
Take Action Against Distraction
The Organized Life 10 slides
Nine strategies for keeping your eye—and ADHD brain—on the ball. ... start slideshow
16 Sayings for ADHDers to Live and Laugh By
Healthy Minds & Bodies 17 slides
Wise and funny words to help you reset and relax when you are overwhelmed. ... start slideshow
Top 10 Family Travel Tips
Holidays & Travel 13 slides
Planes, trains, and automobiles can be tiring and stressful — especially if you're navigating them with overtired, overexcited kids. But you can make traveling easier by following these ADHD-friendly family vacation tips. ... start slideshow
Strategies for Keeping Your ADD Brain Happy and Healthy
Healthy Minds & Bodies 13 slides
People with ADHD spend too much time “accentuating the negative,” says one ADD expert. Here are strategies to weed out the bad thoughts to make room for the positive ones. ... start slideshow
10 Productivity Tips for ADHD Adults
Managing Time & Money 12 slides
Use these tips to light a fire under your brain’s butt and (finally) get things done. ... start slideshow
Overwhelmed? 10 Ways to Quiet the Chaos
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Has ADHD left you overwhelmed by distraction and chaos? Cultivating these habits of orderly thinking can help you regain control of your life. ... start slideshow
10 ADHD Quotes to Live By
Life Stories 12 slides
Be inspired by the stars! Here's what celebrities (and people like us!) have to say about living with attention deficit. ... start slideshow
ADHD and Addiction: The Truth About Substance Abuse
Healthy Minds & Bodies 17 slides
Substance abuse and addiction are real challenges for many ADHD adults who struggle with their symptoms and with feelings of shame or social stigma. Read on to learn why the risks of abuse are elevated, how to avoid addiction, and what treatment plans work best. ... start slideshow
6 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Managing ADHD
Healthy Minds & Bodies 14 slides
Omega-3s for concentration. Zinc for impulsivity. Iron for better behavior. Plus three more supplements shown to improve ADHD symptoms. How to augment your treatment plan with vitamins and minerals that work — and skip those that don't. ... start slideshow
10 Simple Steps to a Better Life with ADHD
The Organized Life 12 slides
Put off by long-term plans and goals? These 10 tweaks for everyday living can change your life for the better — starting today. ... start slideshow
How to Get Accommodations at Work
Success on the Job 13 slides
ADHD symptoms making work difficult? Here is your road map to getting accommodations on the job. Use these strategies to become the ultimate ADHD self-advocate. ... start slideshow
Don't Let Grocery Shopping Spoil Your Saturday!
Managing Time & Money 13 slides
Hate to shop? Adults with ADHD struggle with impulse buys, saving money, and getting in and out of the store quickly. Try these tips to survive the trip and eliminate grocery stress. ... start slideshow
13 Tools for Quick, Stress-Free Decisions
Healthy Minds & Bodies 16 slides
ADHDers have a tough time making up their mind on things big and small. Here are some great strategies for helping you think clearly and choose wisely. ... start slideshow
ADHD-Friendly Ways to Save Money and Live Better
Managing Time & Money 17 slides
Easy ways for adults with ADHD to cut expenses, save cash, and breathe easier. ... start slideshow
Keys to Academic Success for ADHD College Students
College & Young Adults 14 slides
Learning how to get organized, study hard, and stay ahead academically is as essential as reading Shakespeare for ADHD college students. ... start slideshow
The 10 Worst Therapists for ADHD Adults
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Attending regular therapy sessions can help you manage your symptoms, but ADHDers beware. Some therapists will leave you feeling more confused and frustrated than ever before. ... start slideshow
The Real Whirled: 8 Essential Life Skills for ADHD Teens
College & Young Adults 15 slides
Every age is an adventure with ADHD, but teens and young adults aged 16 - 24 are facing a particularly big challenge in managing and fitting in to the real world. Read these tips for managing the transition from teen to twenty-something. ... start slideshow
The Shame Game and ADHD
Healthy Minds & Bodies 14 slides
Why people with ADHD struggle with feelings of shame and how they can overcome them. ... start slideshow
The Procrastinator’s Guide to Getting Things Done
Success on the Job 11 slides
Do you put off starting important projects until it becomes painful? Whether you're terrified of letting someone down or you just can't get your thoughts in order, here are straightforward strategies to help ADHD adults start — and finish — even the toughest projects. ... start slideshow
8 Reasons Adult ADD Is So Often Misdiagnosed
Healthy Minds & Bodies 10 slides
Our expert explains why adult ADHD is often mistaken for another condition or ignored altogether, and the best ways to move forward after a diagnosis. ... start slideshow
14 Rituals for Better Focus at Work
Success on the Job 16 slides
We asked ADDitude readers how they stay focused at work. Here are some of our favorite attention hacks that really work! ... start slideshow
How to Harness Your Hyperfocus
Healthy Minds & Bodies 10 slides
What is hyperfocus? ADHDers' natural ability to block out all distractions and concentrate fully on a task until it's done. Follow these expert tips for tapping into the benefits of hyperfocus and getting more done with adult ADHD. ... start slideshow
Secrets to Stress-Free Dinner Planning
Managing Time & Money 9 slides
Meds are wearing off. Homework battles have begun. Tummies are grumbling. And you're exhausted. The lead up to dinner is never relaxing, but these expert tips should help parents get food on the table fast — and without meltdowns! ... start slideshow
13 Steps to Make It On Your Own in College
College & Young Adults 13 slides
You are heading out of your parents' house to start your college career. Make sure you are college-ready by tapping into these strategies and tips. ... start slideshow
ADHD and Shame: Why We Feel It, and How to Manage It
Healthy Minds & Bodies 12 slides
Shame can be a huge — and devastating — part of the ADHD experience. Managing shame isn’t easy, but don’t worry — it is possible! Success depends on your ability to move past mistakes and love yourself unconditionally. ... start slideshow
The ADHD Mom’s Guide to Stress-Free Living
The Organized Life 11 slides
Some say being a mom is the most important job in the world. With ADHD—yours or your child's—it's also one of the toughest! Make it a little easier with these tips to relieve the stress. ... start slideshow
10 Ways to Simplify Your Kitchen
The Organized Life 12 slides
Keep your kitchen clean, organized, and clutter-free with these 10 easy tips from ADDitude. ... start slideshow
12 Amazing ADHD Superpowers
Life Stories 14 slides
Faster than a speeding bike! More creative than Picasso! Able to leap stereotypes in a single bound! We asked our readers what superpowers made them or their kids a notch above the rest. Here are some of our favorite answers. ... start slideshow
Indispensable ADHD Tools
Gadgets & Gizmos 11 slides
From smartphone apps to good old-fashioned pen and paper, ADDitude readers recommend the tools that best help them manage adult ADHD. ... start slideshow
ADHD Holiday Survival Guide
Holidays & Travel 10 slides
10 tips to help you enjoy the holiday season and start the new year energized, refreshed, and happy. ... start slideshow
10 Tips for Making Friends
Love and Friendships 11 slides
Friendship costs nothing but time and attention, and it gives just about everything that matters in life. These suggestions will help you make—and keep—friends. ... start slideshow
Is It Adult ADHD? A Basic Primer
Healthy Minds & Bodies 18 slides
ADHD is usually considered a childhood disorder, so symptoms in adults are often overlooked, even though an estimated four percent of the adult population meets the criteria. ... start slideshow