ADHD Treatment Slideshows

ADHD Professionals: Who Can Help You Manage ADHD Symptoms
Fine-Tuning Treatment 14 slides
Teaming up with the right professional can help you (or your child) manage symptoms more successfully. ... start slideshow
ADHD Medications: 10 Ways to Get It Right
ADD Medications 11 slides
Insider strategies from the top doctors on getting the most out of your ADHD medication. ... start slideshow
Treating ADHD without Meds: A User's Guide
Alternative Therapies 12 slides
From fish oil to zinc, from brain training to behavior therapy, there is a wide range of options worth trying to improve ADHD symptoms. ... start slideshow
12 Ways That Emotion Affects Your ADHD Life
Alternative Therapies 14 slides
The latest science shows that an ADHDer’s emotions play a critical role in everything from executive functions and friendships to excelling at school and the job. ... start slideshow
The Seven Types of ADD -- and How to Treat Each One
Fine-Tuning Treatment 17 slides
One ADHD expert says there are many types of ADHD. He explains them here, and offers his treatment plans for managing them. ... start slideshow
Your ADHD Medication Questions, Answered!
ADD Medications 13 slides
When it comes to treating attention deficit, good information is the best medicine. An expert answers all your ADHD medication questions. ... start slideshow
Vitamins and Supplements for ADHD
Alternative Therapies 14 slides
Some supplements may help you get a grip on ADHD symptoms and challenges. Others don’t. Find out which is which. ... start slideshow