Attention Deficit Slideshows

Understanding Attention Deficit: The New ADHD
Myths about ADD & LD 16 slides
What's new about ADHD? A lot, according to Yale professor Thomas Brown, Ph.D. You'll think differently about the condition once you get all the facts. ... start slideshow
Sensory Processing Disorder 101
Related & Comorbid Conditions 9 slides
Everything you need to know about Sensory Processing Disorder — from the definition and symptoms, to diagnosis and treatment. ... start slideshow
ADHD Plus: 10 Conditions That May Show Up with Attention Deficit
Related & Comorbid Conditions 11 slides
If you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, chances are you may also have another condition. Here’s what to be on the lookout for. ... start slideshow
Smart but Stuck: The Emotions of ADHD
ADD Basics 14 slides
Anger outbursts, anxiety, irritability, impatience: more than most people, ADHDers can be driven by emotions. ... start slideshow