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10 Apps to Train Your Brain

Download these ADHD-friendly brain-training apps for stronger focus, longer memory, and a more organized thought process.

by the editors of ADDitude

Mobile Apps for Building Focus and Memory

For the ADHD brain, focus is like a muscle that needs routine exercise to grow stronger. Thankfully, some of the best brain workouts are right at your fingertips — mobile apps designed to improve memory, concentration, and organization skills for ADHD adults. Spend just a few minutes a day with these brain-training apps to bulk up your cognitive abilities. Your ADHD brain will thank you.

CogniFit Brain Fitness for ADHD

CogniFit starts with a quick quiz to assess your cognitive abilities, then personalizes activities to challenge your mind and train your brain. ADHDers will benefit from emphasis on key abilities like focus, memory, and attention. Competitive? You can challenge your friends and earn “Neurons” to track your progress.

Elevate Training App for ADHD

Based on extensive scientific research by experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning, Elevate promises to improve cognitive skills through regular training sessions. Each user receives a personalized training program that adjusts over time to maximize results. Trouble focusing? No problem. The personalized daily workouts will help you improve the skills that need the most help — like memory, processing speed, or comprehension.

Attention Exercise by Dr. Hallowell

Attention Exercise is based specifically on the recommendations of ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell. The app strengthens focus and multi-tasking skills by asking you to complete a series of simple drawing tasks. The app’s creators claim that playing for just a few minutes a day will improve your attention span, and there’s even a Daily Reminder alarm to give you that extra nudge.

Lumosity Brain Training Programs

Designed by neuroscientists to improve cognitive skills, Lumosity creates a personalized training program to challenge your brain in the areas you care about. The app uses dozens of games to target a wide variety of skills including ADHD trouble-spots such as memory, focus, and problem solving.

MindNode for Visual Thinkers

Your ADHD brain is filled with great ideas, but you have a hard time connecting them together. MindNode can help by creating “mind maps” -- visual representations of how your ideas fit into a larger project. Create a new “node,” or idea, with the tap of your finger — and drag to connect it to other nodes. Your thoughts will be organized in an intuitive way, helping you work towards a larger goal. 

Brain Training: Focus

Improve your focus and concentration with the help of Brain Training: Focus. See if you can overcome the “Stroop Effect” to match the color of the word with its name. According to the findings of psychologist John Ridley Stroop, when the word "green" is printed in purple ink it takes longer to identify correctly than if its name matched its hue. 

Eidetic for Long-Term Memory

Add vital information to your long-term memory using Eidetic. The app uses a technique called "spaced repetition" to help you memorize anything in your chosen timeframe. Unlike other brain-training apps, Eidetic helps you memorize items that have real meaning and context in your own life. Perfect for ADHD students who need help memorizing vocabulary or definitions for exams, or for simply memorizing every day facts and phone numbers.

Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is a brain-training app that features more than 360 games and unique training sessions, each designed to enhance your memory, processing speed, concentration, problem solving, and visual skills. According to the app’s developers, using the Fit Brains Trainer for a few minutes each day will improve your brain’s performance. The app allows users to track cognitive performance and compare results with other users of the same age.

iThoughts for Mind Mapping

The ultimate mindmapping tool, iThoughts enables you to virtually organize and share your thoughts, ideas, and information. Excellent for ADHDers who are visual learners, iThoughts beautifully organizes your thoughts into practical webs and flowcharts. Once you complete your mind map, export it to your computer using PowerPoint, Word, or Excel for easy sharing.

Brain Yoga for Relaxing Brain Training

If the timers and scoring in other brain-training apps induce too much anxiety, Brain Yoga is the app for you. Brain Yoga allows you to meditate while training your brain in memory, vocabulary, numeracy, special ability, and pattern matching. The relaxing background music helps ADHDers focus while completing the eight types of puzzles, each with ten difficulty levels. Not only will Brain Yoga improve your cognitive skills, it will also help you relax.

Additional ADHD Mobile Apps

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