9 Foods to Supercharge Your Brain

Did you know that too much of the wrong foods can actually shrink the decision-making parts of your brain? Use these ADHD diet and nutrition tips, recommended by Dr. Daniel G. Amen, to improve your focus, memory, and mood — naturally.

Quality Over Quantity

Always opt for high-quality food -- and be careful with calories. Thanks in part to impulsivity, ADHD is often associated with obesity, which is a demonstrated danger to the brain. Swapping a 720-calorie cinnamon roll for a 400-calorie salad made of spinach, salmon, blueberries, apples, walnuts, and red bell peppers will supercharge your energy and perhaps make you smarter. In one study, monkeys who ate more calories than they needed had significant shrinkage in the important decision-making areas of the brain.
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