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8 Best Sleep Apps for ADHD Adults

Here’s our list of the top sleep aid apps to help ADHDers fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up on time. Sweet dreams!

by the editors of ADDitude

Insomnia and ADHD

Insomnia is a common problem for ADHD adults. According to one study, 70 percent of adults with ADHD spend more than one hour trying to fall asleep at night. That’s a lot of tossing and turning! So, when counting sheep doesn’t do the trick, what’s an ADHDer to do? Luckily, there’s an app for that. Click through our list of top sleep aid apps and start downloading for a better night’s rest.

White Noise

Ambient sounds help a lot of ADHDers relax and fall asleep by blocking out the noisy distractions around them—and in their brains. White Noise lets you select from more than 40 ambient sounds that signal your brain to produce calming alpha waves. The options include the old standbys (Ocean, Streams, and Rain Storms) and some unusual sounds, like Tibetan Singing Bowl and Cat Purring. ADHDers who chill out best with manmade sounds can choose Clothes Dryer, Fan, Vacuum, or Washer.

Relax Melodies

Let your obsessive ADHD thoughts drift away as you lay back, listen, and enjoy falling asleep with the Relax Melodies app. Select sounds and melodies that you like and combine them into your own unique mix. Save your favorite mixes to use over and over again. Not just a sleep aid, this app can be used to help you focus on a big project at work, drown out loud noises, or simply relax.

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Find your way to dreamland with this guided-meditation app. Many ADHDers have trouble relaxing and therefore find it difficult to switch off their brains and fall deeply asleep. But after a few Deep Sleep therapy sessions with Andrew Johnson as your personal relaxation coach, you'll learn how to turn off the endless stream of thoughts and get a good night's rest.

Pzizz Sleep

Some sleep apps seem to play the same soundtrack on an endless loop. Mix up your ambient sound options with Pzizz Sleep. Choose inspirational words and music, or music only, set a duration (anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours), and press "Start" — and Pzizz's structured algorithm will create a unique soundtrack designed to lull you to sleep.


Sleep101 tracks your sleep and gives you expert sleep advice, helping you sleep better and wake up more refreshed. The built-in alarm will wake you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle, while the sleep tracker gives you a nightly report of your sleep stats. You'll know exactly how long and how well you've slept each night. Ideal for the ADHDer who is testing out new relaxation techniques to see what works and what doesn't.

To Bed

It's 3 a.m. and you're hyperfocused on a BuzzFeed quiz instead of getting some much needed shuteye. Sound familiar? Sometimes falling asleep isn't the problem, it's the getting to bed part that gives you trouble. That's where To Bed comes in. Based on information about your age and wake up times, To Bed reminds you when you should start preparing to hit the sack. Because, sometimes all an ADHDer needs is a friendly reminder that it's time for bed!


No need to manage multiple apps, SleepBot is an all-in-one sleep tracker, smart alarm, and ambient sound machine. Listen to soothing ambient sounds as you fall asleep, then wake up gradually using the multi-alarm alert function — perfect for the ADHDer who is prone to hitting the snooze button. With its movement and sound tracking functionality, you can find out what's waking you up in the middle of the night. The app is also packed with tips and advice for getting your best night's sleep.

Sleep Cycle

Waking up is a challenge for many ADHDers, but not with Sleep Cycle. The app monitors your movements and wakes you up at the perfect time. As you sleep, you go through light, deep, and REM phases. To feel refreshed and rested, it is best to wake during a light phase. Set the alarm and place your phone under the fitted sheet in the corner near your head. The app analyzes your sleep patterns and total sleep time, waking you up at the optimal moment.

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