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What Does It Feel Like to Have ADD?

Overwhelming. Frustrating. And sometimes paralyzing. We asked our readers what it's like to have one of the 7 types of ADD. Our readers told us the unvarnished truth.

by the readers and editors of ADDitude

The Adventurous Journey Called ADHD

We asked men and women for honest words about what living with the 7 types of ADD like. Their experience: frustrating, overwhelming, and sometimes paralyzing. Can you relate to any of their descriptions?

Hamster Wheel

"To me, ADHD feels like I'm running on a hamster wheel, nonstop at full speed."


"ADHD feels like someone put your brains in a Yahtzee cup, shook it like dice, and then scattered it all over the floor. You spend the whole day trying to get your brain together again."


"When you have ADHD, it feels like you have to trudge through a layer of molasses."

Self Talk

"For me, ADHD is like having a non-stop conversation with myself."

Computer Glitch

“Having ADHD is like walking around all day with a computer glitch in the brain.”

Never-Ending Presentation

“Have you ever watched a PowerPoint presentation that seems to go on forever? That's what ADHD is like for me.”

Back to the Future

“ADHD is like living five minutes in the future. When I hyperfocus the world doesn't exist. Nothing exists, not even time.” 

Radio Head

“For me, ADHD is like having your car radio set to 'scan' all the stations. You hear clips of music and, before you can get into one particular song, it changes to the next station."

Day By Day

“When you have ADHD, sometimes you feel misunderstood, undervalued, and on edge. Other times you feel brilliant, confident, and on top of the world. It really all depends on the day.”

Too Many Tabs

ADHD is like a browser with 600 tabs open, each to a different website.”

Blender Brain

ADHD is like having your thoughts whirled around in a blender.”

All and Nothing

ADHD feels like I want to do everything and nothing at all -- at the same time, all of the time!”

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